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Finals over once more!

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Congradulations to everyone who has finished another round of final exams. Right now, all I have to do is write a three hour Dynamics and Vibrations final and I am done. Anyone want to know how NASA keeps those unsymmetric satellites spinning on one axis? Believe me, you're better off not knowing the math involved.

Wait a minute... My final is in ten hours. What am I doing here?

Happy Holidays,
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Now that sounds interesting. I just finished my degree and still remember all the awful math.

It is curious how some things seem fascinating when you read about them in places like "How Things Work", but when you have the pencil, paper, Schaum's handbook of formulas memorized and a deadline to learn things... it's never so interesting....

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Heh, finals weren't that bad for me this year. Only a few all-nighters this semester. Transferring out of Genetics and into engineering was the best thing I've ever done. Most people would think biology is easy compared to math. Having been on both sides I can safely say that clearly is not the case. Heh. Biochemistry and Genetics have got to be two of the toughest streams an undergrad can take.

I suppose Electrical Engineering would be the toughest though...
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The worst part about finals is my students complaining once the final grades are made.....

Usually only one or two, though.

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Well, it's all over for me. Time to relax fully for the first time in months!
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Past three weeks were pretty much nothing but studying and coding, ugh. But I can relax for a little while now. Just one more semester to go.
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i took four finals in one day. my head was spinning by the end of the day. thank goodness it's all over. now i can take some time out to listen to my cans ... i haven't touched my 580's in over a month, and they feel so lonely right now.
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Originally posted by skippy
i took four finals in one day. my head was spinning by the end of the day. [...].
that is absolutely ridiculous. at my university they have a rule, that if you have more than 2 exams, the professors with the highest course numbers have to give you an alternative date, so you have never more than 2 a day.

congrats for making it through a day like that.
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Yeah, same here. As a matter of fact, there are only 3 exam periods each day here, so having four in one day wouldn't be possible.
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Same here. We only have two exam periods a day. This semester I had 2 in one day and another the following morning. That was about the toughest schedule I've ever had.
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we used to have 8-9 in 5 days (2 exam periods a days, Mo-Fr)

[of course that was in the early 1990s, before headphones were invented. and in the winter, all we had to keep us warm ..... It is scary how easy that "in my days" routine comes out of ones mouth even when one is still damn young oneself]
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