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New headphones this October, help please

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Hey, I've posted here and there and I've been considering getting some new headphones after something just did not feel as awesome with my sr-80s, which led me to here(contrary to popular belief avoiding this forum will not save your wallet) I want something that can pump lots of bass when I want it, but does not completly take over my rock/metal songs like a skullcandy would. My music tastes right now are Black Metal, Thrash Metal, Hip Hop, and Pop. My main artists are Venom, Immortal, Shakira, and Mike Jones. I want a larger soundstage than my sr-80i has, and as long as it is noticably larger I'm happy, I also game a lot and want a headphone that can do that too, my main games are Crysis, Dragon Age, and GTAIV and the only thing I can say that makes me feel the SR-80i is lacking would be bass and soundstage, I have been looking at Beyerdynamic and Grado, specificly the Magnum mod. I want to buy in the end of October, as I'm hoping I'll get some money to help with the upgrade. I look forward to some good recommendations.

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I would highly recommend you take a look at the Audio Technica ATH-A900. I don't think the Magnum mod would really improve too much on your situation.

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The Beyerdynamic DT990/600 should do pretty well especially if you didn't find the SR80s harsh. Great bass, soundstage, and detail. Of course an amp is highly recommended.


What's your budget? Would you consider an amp?

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my budget is $600 so if I could get an amp $100 or less that would be ok, also I run out of a ASUS Xonar Essence STX, so I kind of have an amp.

EDIT: I want an open back headphone and I prefer on-ear like the Grado.

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You'd probably enjoy one of the Denon models.
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May I ask why? Also I forgot to add I like the in your face sound signature Grado offers, and I like headphones that are good for vocals.

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