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Woo Audio WA6 Sold

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I am altering my original post below to offer the amp for sale at Sold with the stock tubes.  The offer for sale is good through 9A central Saturday 8/7 to allow time for shipping.  If the amp remains unsold by then it goes back to its cardboard home.  Pics are available upon request. 


My feedback can be seen on eBay (Fuzzie_whazzie).



My silver WA6 has been in a box for going on two years now and I am considering selling it and the tubes that go with it.  The amp was purchased in November of 2007.  It has Blackgate and V-cap capacitor upgrades.  The amp is in excellent condition.  It has seen very little use.  I would prefer to sell it with the tubes but will consider selling just the amp. 


The tubes that I have are as folows:


Brimar 5R4GY

Mullard CV2748 (2ea., 1 new)

Sovtek 5U4G

Mullard GZ32



Please let me know if you have an interest and what you are willing to offer.  This will be a Paypal transaction to a CONUS buyer.

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Free bump.

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Send you a PM :)

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Bump for an excellent price.  If I didn't already buy an amp a month ago, I would be all over this!

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