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Scary moments you've had in Head-Fi

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Well... this thread is for the scary moments we have while listening to music.  The moments that make us go 'whoa, wtf was that?' and so on and so forth.


Me, I just had a scary moment.  I'm listening to Alice In Chains - Rooster, and I never knew there were backing vocals.  I must have heard this song dozens of times over the years, but never on a good pair of headphones.


Anyone else?

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Turning on my Crack amp, and having the left side of my Shure SRH840 pop. The plastic covering on the driver forming a bubble, and losing the left channel nearly completely. By touching it with tweezers, having it reform more or less, but still remaining wrinkled over the magnet. The sound was back, but I thought there was a slight decrease in quality...


... so I returned it for a new pair, since they were less than 30 days old: the beauty of buying local.

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Today I was crossing the street while listening to my CK10s and I heard this car speeding up towards me. My heart dropped and I was going to get hit. I turned to look and the road was completely clear. 

There's also one song that has some knocking noises in it and it makes me turn to look every time. 

As far a bad experiences go, my DT990s developing rattling was pretty upsetting.

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Every time one of the Electro-Harmonix 7591a tubes starts glowing red in my McIntosh it's a race to the power switch. My receiver runs the screen over spec and it sounds terrible if I try to decrease the voltage so I always keep a couple spares around. They burn up much less often with a fan blowing over them though.


Maybe I should just face reality and get some NOS 7591s... only $225. 

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I think the last couple days as I'm starting to listen to my customs with some better recorded music. Funny enough it's the same album as the OP's avatar :) I'm getting a much better music experience than previously with just universals.

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Oh, and shorting the 170V to the ground when testing my Speedball Crack with my test lead... okay, I wasn't listening to music then, but it's still Head-Fi's fault!


Nice sparks though.

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I'm not sure but the scariest moments may be when you realise that you have permanant hearing damage.


Be wise headfiers.

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I think the scariest moment was when I was in my lab and the entire area suddenly got a massive power surge, blowing out my computer, equipment, and until I had a chance to take them home my precious SR325i's. I think that was the moment I decided that I wasn't going to listen on nice headphones at work anymore.

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Scary moments on Head-Fi? Probably every time I spend more money on audio.


Having my S9 stolen was also rather harrowing, although, I remember one particular instance that was worse. I plugged in my Shure 840s into my XM5 DAC, but no sound was being produced. I flipped and thought the DAC was broken, so I immediately plugged the 840 directly into my S9. There was still no sound. I was yet again horrified because I thought my S9 had kicked the bucket too, at the exact same time as my amp.


It wasn't until I checked the DETACHABLE cable on my headphones that I realized what was really the issue, and of course I felt like an unstoppable moron.


The end.

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scariest so far...

MTB:ing and finding myself in the worst rain I can remember..

1 small plastic bag found by the trail to keep my D2 at least somewhat protected,

but nothing to save my preacisous phones from the wet.

1 hour later about 20 min from home the phones died,

I tought I killed em forever. :(


dissmanteld them the best I could as soon as I got inside.

put the parts on a tray of rice...

next morning fearing the worst,I put em back together and plugged them in.oh joy...

they sounded as good as ever :D


I always keep a plastic bag somewhere on my person from that day...

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A few pics of Patrick and nikongod sent me scrambling for the eyebleach.

I've also heard some... interesting things while under the influence. No more detail need be given.

And I've had a few things produce smoke on the bench.
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My scary moment, was when i almost spill coffee over my laptop/headphones. 

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Originally Posted by Uncle Erik View Post

A few pics of Patrick and nikongod sent me scrambling for the eyebleach.


Some of their pictures have made me question their sanity.

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Originally Posted by Vincent01 View Post

My scary moment, was when i almost spill coffee over my laptop/headphones. 

I managed to spill a little less than half a glass of water over my laptop keyboard a few months ago... it went right through and I'm typing this on that same laptop.

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do scary wallet moments count?


my wallets cringes in fear everytime i come near this place and its evil temptress ways

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