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Quick! What essential headphones should I buy!!

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Hey guys!


I'm currently in the US, visiting from Australia and i'm wondering what quintissential headphones i should grab from Amazon.com before I head back home? The reason is they are ALOT cheaper here then they are in Australia.


For example -


I'm picking up some Portapros from Amazon.com for 30 bucks. They cost 100+ in Australia. Hence i'm gonna stock up on headphones that are highly recommended or essential to own and take them back for some hot listenin' love.


I've already bought some Sony XB-700s and Audio Technica ATH-AD700s from Amazon and am amazed at how cheap it is.


And don't keep the recommendations just at Full size headphones, IEMs and such are all good too!

My current list of headphones to buy are

Koss KSC-75s

Koss Portapros


My preferred listening is all ranges of the EDM genre. Particularly harder, bassier music in general so tight, punchy bass is essential. Sometimes I love the overwhelming bass which is what the XB-700s are for.


What i currently own are

Pioneer HDJ1000s

Shure SRH-750DJs

Alessandro MS-1i

Allen and Heath Xone XD-53s

AKG 181DJs


Sennheiser CX-300 Ver 1
Ultimate Ears Metro.Fi 100


Of all of them i particularly enjoy the Shures and AKGs. The Apple's are amazing in terms of sound reproduction too. Not a big fan of the Grado/Alessandro sound.


Thanks guys!

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Those are good, but you really should pick up a pair of Grados. If Australia is anything like the EU countries, the prices are about twice as much as they are here. If you're not familiar with the Grado house sound, the SR-60 is a great place to start. If you want to go a little higher end, the Sennheiser HD-600 is probably the best value on the market.
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Second on the Grados. They are massively cheaper in the US than the rest of the world. You might even manage to sell them at a profit (or at least a negligible loss) if you still don't like them.


Maybe some Klipsch IEMs. I loved the x10 when I had it. You may want to check if they do a global warranty though. Mine broke, but I did get the cash back from the seller who'd stopped selling IEMs.

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