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Thanks but, that really doesn't tell me/say much, in the face of substantive things I've read about the phones, which typically note very positive things. 

Honestly its been awhile since I heard those things, didn't really leave much of an impression.  I feel pretty confident saying the $40-$50 Brainwavz M1 will dominate those things.

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I would also  double check on the dates of those comments and the experience of the users who made them because I see much better options now like the



FA SB/FA Eterna


Etymotic MC5

x2 on M1s

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Thanks for the previous comments.  Have been looking at newer phones in comparison and have read a fair amount about the RE0s here (but not all 110+ or so screens of comments in the review thread ...).  Very intriguing but, I have to admit, the comments in the RE0 review thread start to sound cult-like (no offense intended) ...  In a strange reverse sort of way, wish I could find a professional (non-user) review of them--haven't seen one.  Also, noted a number of comments as to construction/build quality issues with the RE0s.

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Clieos and Joker reviewed the RE0s and they can be considered professionals with IEM review/comparisons. I have owned them twice and didn't have issues in either one. If you want really good build thought, you can consider the MC5s/M1s and Eternas from the ones I mentioned.

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I had the SCL4's and RE0's -- sold them both.  I am in the minority here in the land of RE0 mania, but I liked the SCL4 better.  Not quite as good in the clarity department, but still reasonably good, and much better bass than the RE0.  I think $99 is an excellent deal for them, provided you can get a good fit.

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I like it more than M2, RE0. Mine is E4C (the old name) does not bug me, I don't know why I can't wear other two for a long period of time. $99 sounds like a good deal, as long as it is in retailer package; if it is earphones only, two possibility I know: it can be fake, or some leftover when Shure changed their manufacturer (even this is a hearsay, take it as an entertainment.)

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The deal was from guitar center I believe so it will be in one of those stupid impossible to open plastic packaging where you probably cut yourself before opening them.


I don't think they are bad at $99 and even better at $60 or so. They aren't for me and I hated their cables both memory and splitting. Their isolation is great although not quite Etymotic level and their sound was good but not for me. I came from the RE0 or ER6i (can't remember which but most likely ER6i) and I remember the bass was the first thing I noticed that was different among them in a good way.

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Thanks for the above comments, I really do appreciate the input, especially from people who have used the various phones.  And the comparisons are very helpful.  Singing to the choir, I wish there was a "headphone bar" nearby, to stop by and try/compare the various phones ...


I remember trying the E4s out just to see what they were like shortly after they had come out, when I purchased ny first set of IEMs, a pair of Shure E2Cs.  I liked them, but couldn't see justifying the then high price, in the face of the E2Cs.  And as I said, it's only the current price-point that brought them back in mind.


I really don't need another pair of phones--I actually have been content with my Shure SE210s, a gift (I know, it's heresy--or complacent ears).  But maybe it's a bit of nostalgia ...  I'm still using my Sony on-ear phones (with genuine leather headband, no less) from 25 years ago, and love 'em.


(And agreed as to those damned plastic clamshells, which I in fact have gashed myself on.  Wonder when someone will be bringing a lawsuit.)

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