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What about the Dynalo that's on sale in the forum right now?

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Would this be okay?





Its half price off right now. and its even got a BUILT IN DAC! and usb integration so i can use it with my comp =)


what do you guys think

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Originally Posted by OhHaiDere View Post

What about the Dynalo that's on sale in the forum right now?


Did you read the first reply to your post???

Originally Posted by FallenAngel View Post

Pardon me while I laugh my ass off that you put spent as much on some silver cable as you did on the DAC and amp and by the way, 99.9% is considerably lower than most audio cables, 99.99% (4N) is considered "low", 5N is average and 6N+ is "high purity".


If you still have the option, get rid of that cable, use the stock one until you seriously improve your system, then consider cable upgrades, that would boost your budget a bit too.


At $600, look for a used older DAC from here, audiogon or ebay.  Lots of great units in the $400 price range, then snag the Dynalo that's selling now on the forum.


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Yes? What's your point?

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Lol, is 'pure' silver cable really that much better than copper?  I mean, the resistivity difference between silver and copper is .0000000009Ω*m.  You mean to tell me you can hear the difference in attenuation in a maybe two meter headphone cable?  If you're hearing a difference in that short of a cable, something is seriously wrong with your equipment.


I apologize ahead of time if I have offended anyone.

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I can actually hear a difference. Even though I am running my headphones directly through my laptops 3.5mm port, mind you my comp doesnt even have a sound card lol.


I'm sure it'll make a lot more noticable difference once i get my new amp / dac.



However, the difference is absolutely minimal for the time being though, dont get me wrong.

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Originally Posted by OhHaiDere View Post

You guys think your so funny don`t you lol, hahah


No im just kidding.


The cables are UP-OCC technology which has the purest material (7N).

It has 5 layers of shields, which are very thin. The outermost layer is very soft and flexible. These layers will prevent any noise in the cable.


Also terminated by a premium Furutech 1/4" premium plug, and yes it is 99.999% silver. The wires are 24awg. Each wire is insulated by a Teflon cover  and uses VariStrand tech at the core of each wire.

The outer cover is also my other custom-made carbon fiber sleeve.



I am only using this pc at the moment because I only recently started getting into this and buying my gear. I am looking around for the best source.

Originally Posted by OhHaiDere View Post

Going to be returning my FUN.

Need your guys advise on what my next amp and dac should be.


I was looking around and Dyhani and Dynalo seem like 2 awesome amps.


Any recommendations on the dac`s?

I agree with FallenAngel that spending that much money on a cable before a proper DAC/amp isn't prudent. But, since you've already bought it, the cable you have is very good (I own a similar one).

The Dynahi is about the best solid-state amp available, and you probably won't be able to find one anymore (parts discontinued).


Go for a well-built Dynalo+Sigma-22 PSU for the amp. It's better than everything else you've proposed.

I would go for a y2 DAC if the budget allowed it. If not, get a Musiland 02US, which mates very well with the HD650 and hangs with much more expensive DACs IMO.

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I'm new to Head Fi. I'm surprised to note that the NuForce Icon HDP wasn't suggested as an amp for 650 until now.


It is the best rated amp on head fi and very reasonably priced. What you think about this combo ?


I've recently ordered the HD650 on amazon after a price drop (managed to get one for 349$. New, not used.)


I also wanted to watch movies with it. I've ordered the Earforce DSS 7.1 along with it.


I'm also looking for a decent AMP (can be with DAC inbuilt/included).


 I'm intending to play music from my macbook pro (optical out).


For movie/video playback:

I have a HDD mediaplayer with Optical out and HDMI 1.3 out (i'm planning to get a plasma, preferably the LG 50PK550 model, to which i want to connect the HDMI out). I will be connecting the optical out from the HDD media player to the Earforce DSS and the HD 650 to the stereo out of the DSS.


I've read lots of reviews for headphone amps and finally short listed a few:


1. NuForce Icon HDP (High-end Headphone Amp, USB DAC, Preamp), Black  (449$)

2. Audiophile Products Fubar IV Plus - Silver USB DAC / Headphone Amplifier (349$)

3. HRT Music Streamer II + High Resolution USB D/A Converter (349$)  (drawback: USB inputs only, no optical cable inputs, so can't use my optical out.)


Also came to know about the M2Tech hiFace with other addons. Any thoughts on this and my short listed amps?


Seniors, please advise.

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Skip the Earforce DSS 7.1, and well, just about the rest of the system ideas.


Stick with the HD650, but consider getting other components. :)


You'll have optical S/PDIF output, might as well just get a decent DAC that uses optical S/PDIF.

For amp, there are lots of great options, I always recommend sticking to tried and true designs over new overly-hyped products until they get some real recognition.

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Grace 902 DAC/Audiophile Headphone Amp.

 Might be out of your price range, but it must be heard to fully appreciate  its worth.

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Originally Posted by McPanse View Post

Check out the PS Audio GCHA. It's powerful enough to drive the HD-650s and has a built-in USB DAC. You can find this previously $1000 unit new from reputable dealers for $500.

HD 600 + GCHA sound quite nice together actually, but lets be fair: The amp was never worth 1000$ and thats why I sold horribly until lowered to 500$

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