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Comfortable closed headphones $150

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A few months ago I purchased M-audio Q40's and I'm very happy with them, they sound great. They have quite a bit of clamping force; using my contact lenses I have no problems with the headphones, but with my glasses the headphones press the glasses against my head and they start hurting in a few minutes. I'm looking for alternatives in the same price range, up to around $200, something what has less clamping force, and generally would be more comfortable while wearing glasses. Any suggestions?

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I am about to receive my Audio Technica ATH-A700s in the mail today, and from what I hear they aren't too bad. I will post more once I try them out.

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Idk if the Sennheiser 25-I-II or M50 supports glasses, but many recommend them. I also recommend the RP-21s, they have an angled slot specifically for glasses when you wear them. They also have a hard clamping force at first, which requires some overnight stretching and Beyerdynamic pleather pads for better long-term comfort.

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My Audio Technica ATH-M50s did something similar, so I simply bent the metal head band a little...  Not sure why that won't work for you.

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If you are happy with your Q40's, keep them. No need to get an entire new headphone due to some clamping force. Most closed headphones are going to have a pretty tight clamp, so the best way to get rid of that is to stretch them. No, not on your head, but around something. Many suggest putting them around a bunch of lined up books. Me on the other hand, use my glass mannequin to relieve clamping force.

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Guess I'll do that, already stretched once overnight by putting them around the box they came in, as several people mentioned they had done in the Q40 thread. It lessened the clamping force, I'll do another stretching session a try.

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My M50s are very comfortable with my glasses, but you might want to stretch them out a little bit first

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If not, IEMs are always a good alternative for those who wear glasses

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If you don't mind getting open back headphones, go for the HD595's. 


I have glass wearer friends, and they find the Sennhs comfy. 

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I vote m50 audio teachnica also....


very comfortable..... and sounds great!

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