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Clip+ with Ety er-4p -> what sound?

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hi, folks!

long time i just reading head-fi and not join to discussion, but now the time is come.


Since my Ipod video dead i tried to listen music through my HTC desire, sound was really bad, but when my "crazy-fun" westie ate my Ety er-6i i decide to find any new source (any exept ipod this time) with new phones. The problem is that i have to go to work on the subway whole next year, so the best noise isolating phones are strongly required for me. I remember a good isolation i had with er-6i and think that er-4p will be very nice upgrade in SQ and a bit more isolation. I can buy any other phones with similar price but never see same level of isolation as with Ety's.

 Also i have read a tonns of threads here at the head-fi when looking for new dap and found that Fuze and Clip(clip+) have a biggest $ per SQ ratio. and also i like this small daps design, also no need to have big rigs to get good SQ with it.


 So the main question is what sound i will get if i buy er-4p and Fuze/clip+? i saw here many opinions that er-4p have lack of bass, too much analitical sound and so on. But also i saw opinions that clip+ is a bit warm source.

  Will it sounds good together? help me please, cuz i cannot listen subway noise anymore T_T. need to purchase something good to save my ears.


very very sorry for my bad english! and thanks a lot in advance to all the people who will reply.

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Originally Posted by AndySPb View Post
<snip>  when looking for new dap and found that Fuze and Clip(clip+) have a biggest $ per SQ ratio. <snip>

True but the T51/s:flo2 might arguably hold that position as being the best SQ/$$ performer.

It's not the player for everyone but if you check it out it may or may not be for you.

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Would you rather have better sound quality or a better UI. If it is UI, look into the Clip and Fuze (you can Rockbox them as well). If you are OK with a semi-decent UI then check out the S:Flo 2. The HifiMan 602 also looks interesting.

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I got myself a Clip+ and er4p a while back to have a neat compact setup for the occasional bus ride and so forth.

It took some time for me to find the ideal tips for the etys but other than that it is pretty perfect. The etys are easily driven and do not exhaust the Clip+, while the Clip+ is very quiet and well behaved, degrading the sound in no discernible way.

The clip has completely replaced my other players, with the etys as its main partners.



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Great picture (though you need black tri-flanges)!

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After going back and forth between my Shure SE530's and Ety ER-4P's I decided my Clip+ pairs much better with the Shures. Makes sense since the the Shure's are easier to drive. The sound with the Shures is fuller and more robust. The Etys sound weak. This is all compared to my less portable gig, which is my H140/D1, where I prefer my Ety's which really shine with that rig. I definitely prefer my Ety's with amplification and not straight out of an MP3 player. It could also be said that the Shure's always sound more "fuller and robust" than the Ety's, but in the end I really feel that the Clip+ just doesn't pair well with the Ety's.

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already order ety's and clip+ 8gb, hope it will not dissapoint me, anyway it must be nice upgrade from ipod+er-6i, i really hope so.. and thank you for your comments. now i also thinking about order headstage arrow amp which can add impendanse to ety's without p/s converter and they will sound even better. and im thinking to buy one more headphones, but.. dont decide which one.. i am not a basshead, thats for sure. but wish to have lil bit more powerfull sound also. not only cold ety's sound.


someone tried clip+ with Phonak PFE here? can compare sound of PFE and Er-4p/s?


nice pic, limpidglitch

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x2 someone compare the Phonak PFE with Etymotics (I don't much care which, seeing as they all have similar frequency responce anyway, also based on my camparison between the Hf5 and the Mc5) Does the Clip+ sound similar to the Fuze? If so, I'll have to try this combination out, as it sounds like it should pair fairly well!

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The Clip+ should sound almost exactly the same as the Fuze (with the same EQ settings).

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Hey guys sorry to start up an old thread, but I recently got the Er4p for my sansa clip plus (and I love them gs1000.gif)  but I tend to hear a lot more clipping with the earphones.  Does it have to do anything with mis-matched voltage/impedance, or is it just how specific songs were originally recorded?  I'm just hoping there's nothing wrong with my earphones, since I got them used.

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