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The 8 may produce a good enough bass for most people, but using the krk k10s is better because all of the lows go to the sub and the two monitors are doing only mids and highs.

I would disagree on this. Do you have an experince of getting good sound from 2.1 setups? I must say that it is extremely difficult. Acoustic treatment must be really good, monitors and sub should be at the same height (otherwise sound image loose coherence), and it is better to have 2 subs (and that is costly!), plus problems in adjusting volume levels and so and so forth. Usually people leave the sub under the table or in other inappropriate places (and your furniture starts playing music too, no matter you want it or not) and its ok for them, as long as the floor shakes to the rhythm of the drums, but to tell the truth it sound awful! I spent countless hours trying to make my 2.1 Rokit setup sound coherent – no way. I strongly recommend you – if you want good bass then go for monitors with big woofers (8″). As for the studios, as far as I know they usually use mid-field or main monitors for accurate bass reproduction. The RP10s will give you deeper bass of course, with good SPL, but (at least in my experience) the trouble is not worth it.  

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yeaaa, its confusing i rather just get a good sounding 2.0 for less complications. 


good looking and good price for lexicon cool.gif

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This pertains to my preferences to bass handling which is different from the norm. I removed all subsonic filters from all my speakers including the subwoofer. I run my Satelites full range (Ihave modded BX5's which have usable output down to 40Hz without sub, usable however does not mean flat, Speakers are flat to about 80Hz without the filter. The 50Hz crossover to the subwoofer seems to yield the flattest response overall to my ears & no coloration of the sound from the satelites These satelite speakers have some response though weak down to 30Hz though not noticable without the sub aiding them, If I invert the phase of the sub bass down to 30Hz disappears showing that the satelites are actually doing something down that low) & I cross my sub over at 50Hz. This retains stereo bass down to the 30-40 Hz range while giving the bass more weight without otherwise coloring the sound of the satelites. By removing the subsonic filter from the satelite it warms up the upper bass to lower midrange range (needed on these speakers as they were a little too cold sounding stock) & allows them to be run without the sub on all but the most deep bass recording with out sounding overly wanting for mor bass, in fact given enough volume they sound fantastic all by themselves.


By the way my subwoofer stock had usable bass only down to 25Hz, not the 16Hz claimed but with the mods it definately does the claimed 16Hz usable output claim. 

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I've been using this saffire-


Got it for a good deal on ebay. Uses firewire to connect to the PC.
It works quite well for the krk rp5's, easily drives them, and I think they're plenty good for bigger speakers too when I decide to upgrade. I'm really happy with this 2.0 setup for my room right now.

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