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Originally Posted by MikeLa View Post

I'm new to electrostatic setups, just received my first - SR-507 / SRM-007tII.  I'm anxious to see how the Leben CS300xs speaker output plus WEE compares to the SRM-007tII.


I'm not technical, but from what I gather the amps voltage peak-to-peak spec is key when determining how well a electrostatic amp matches with headphones. Example, WES and BHSE I believe are capable of 1200 v peak-to-peak, which apparently is what the SR-007MK2 needs to really shine.  I'm not sure what the peak-to-peak spec is for the SRM-007tII or GES, does anyone know?  


Also, does anyone know what the peak-to-peak requirement is to make the SR-507 sing?  


Also, does anyone know what the WEE peak-to-peak spec is?  


Also, how important is the Frequency response, I notice the WEE is 15 Hz - 26 KHz, the SR-507 is 7 - 41 KHz and the SRM-007tII is DC - 100KHz and the Leben CS300XS is 15 - 100KHz.  Is the WEE going to audible cripple things when placed in the middle of the Leben and SR-507, or are these spec outside what we hear ?  My source is a Audio Research DAC8, .5Hz - 90 KHz + 0 -3 dB.


Or, do I have this all wrong?



I can't answer all of those questions, but I seem to recall the WES is about 800v peak to peak, and GES is about 600?  I have no idea about the WEE except that my 8-watt ZDT + WEE seems to be enough power to drive the O2 Mk1.  Any transformer will hold back the headphones slightly, as they take away a little detail and transparency, but my son's WEE is clearly better in those areas than my SRD-7 Mk2 or SRD-7 Pro.

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HeaphoneAddict thanks for your response.  Do you find yourself listening to the ZDT + WEE or a dedicated amp?

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Originally Posted by MikeLa View Post

HeaphoneAddict thanks for your response.  Do you find yourself listening to the ZDT + WEE or a dedicated amp?

I use the Woo WES in my main rig with O2 Mk1, and a solid state eXStatA in my bedroom rig with SR-Lambda and HE-60.  The WEE is in my son's room with a Nuforce 12-watt Icon, for his Lambda Nova Signature.  Trying it in the WEE was just to test it out, and it passed.

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HeadphoneAddict - thanks

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This 'little' unit is looking very interesting.

Any educated guesses how it would compare to a Stax SRM-T1W if I power it with a Hypex (DIY) UcD400 dual mono amp? It's a very powerfull and neutral class D amp, that should be very similar to the CI Audio monoblocks. 

I get the feeling I'd like a proper solid state setup better, but the jump to KGSS is just too big atm. 


Anyone got it in silver yet? 


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I am running the Wee with my Aragon Palladium monoblocks which surpass my KGSS. I'm not sure if that helps you but this set up also allows me to run my K1K and HE6 out of the WEE (speaker out terminals). The HE6 is exceptional in this configuration...better then using my 307A.

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If Woo made an even smaller one, it would be a wee Wee.

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Originally Posted by Richiyaado View Post

If Woo made an even smaller one, it would be a wee Wee.

LOL. And if I saw one at a meet I'd exclaim: "Wowwie. A wee Woo Wee!" Hehehe--snort.

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Ya'll have too much time on your hands.

However, the last two posts are quite funny, although some of us are more sensitive than others when it comes to a wee little wee wee, Woo or otherwise.

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So... I guess I'll find out, I couldn't resist. This may be just what I'm looking for, and else it'll just be pretty and impressive :)

Sadly only available in black, silver would suit the rest of the equipment better but so be it.



What is the big difference between integrated electrostatic amp, and a pre-power-energizer setup? Except the different boxes of course. Creating the 580V bias should involve a transformer either way right?

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….Good Morning Friends who love the Headphone,

as promised to Jack of Woo Audio last week, after receiving the Energizer Electrostatic WEE  to use the STAX SR-507 Omega and MKII, arrived last month, with my 300B Driver, SE from 9 +9 Watt. Therefore I give you my first impressions of listening, before giving a final decision.

The listening system consists of:

• Source Accuphase DP-80L (Transport) and DC-81l (D/A Conv)
• Source SACD Marantz SA-15S1, Gold
• Driver Stax SRM-600 Limited
• Headphone Stax SR-507 Omega and MK2, Black
• Wee Woo Audio
• cable signal Vovox Prof. XLR (balanced)
• Power cable with Schuko plug Oyaide C-079 P-079 and IEC
• Power Cable Nordost Blue Heaven

The software used x this brief listening session:

• Antonio Forcione in "Live" (Naim Label)
• Al Di Meola in "Live in Milan, World Sinfonia" (Velten Label)
• Kramer Remar "Amentos (Velut Luna Label)
• Rachelle Ferrell "Rachelle Ferrell" (Somethin'else Label)
• Pink Floyd "Dark Side Of The Moon" (Harvest Original Master Recording Label)
• Pink Floyd "Wish You Were Here (Harvest Label)


The Production Stax’s are always well made and looks very attractive, a sign of good design applied to a high industrialization of the product, as can be seen on SR-507. Here we perceive the evolution and background efforts by Stax, in all these years. The structure is much more solid and rigid than in the past, and the transducers are the latest developments in the world of electrostatic, with whom Stax, wanted reduce the gap sonically with the Dynamic Top Class.

The new SRM-600 Driver Limited, brings a fundamental change in the use of valves, new valves ECC99 used here, which have no equivalence with other valves, and then you can not do a "Tube Rolling" Driver. These valves have the characteristic of being high-power dual triode, designed to enhance the dynamism and vibrancy of sound. The output stage of the unit has adopted a high-power dual triode, offering a dynamic and a fresh sound, its dynamic systems.


The Omega MK2 (SR-007MK2) is the flagship model in the Stax House, which aims to reach the pinnacle of electrostatic sound to recreate the most subtle nuances with surgical precision.
The WEE is an energize electrostatic that permit to convert a normal amplifier for dynamic speaker, for use for electrostatic headphone. If You Already Have a speaker amp setup, the WEE is Probably The Most economical solution to start enjoying electrostatic headphones. The WEE is highly efficient with speaker amplifier, having a power = or  > 3 of Watts, it's able to drive any Stax headphones, without effortlessly. To have this setup, basically, you will need a speaker amp, a WEE converter, and an electrostatic headphone as the Stax.


Although the Stax system would need a longer period to have a best warm up (=/>200 hours), you can immediately sense the potential that can give us the SR-507 / SRM-600Limited, unknown in the old version Lamda Signature / SRM -006T. Here the sound in addition to maintaining the beauty of detail and precision of the music instruments, there is a great dynamic, with a high speed of the response of the new transducers mounted on the SR-507, which give what until now was a bit "failure" on the headphones Stax, a bass very very nice and strong, similar to the best of Dynamic Headphones, present on world market.

The new Stax SRM-600L Driver has been designed and constructed to help this new philosophy and image of the electrostatic Stax sound. Here too, it's very important the combination and synergy with other components of the system, if you want to reach very high peaks of listening. Certainly, that with Drivers "After Market" respect to Stax Drivers, as can to be Rudistor, Woo Audio and someone else, the limit furnished by the new SR-507 could reach an even more magical sound, but here, without having to open a mortgage, we are already at a strong and beatiful listening level.
By now the evening is past to dark night, and now the configuration is SR-007MK2/SRM-600L , listening becomes more cohesive and marble, with a frightening neutrality, sign that Omega MK2, truly represents the pinnacle of the headphones electrostatic, although apparently less engaging of the new SR-507, for dynamic presence, but  winner because the Omega offer a largest scope. However, here we have the high critical connection, between Headphone and Drivers, as I mentioned above, because while the Omega want pushing hard,  the SRM-600L Drive don't support the request of this major power. To obtain this target will be necessary to have other drivers "No Compromise" much more bodied, both in the dynamics that on the response, without hesitation, in order to drive a headphone so complex as the Omega MK2.


But in front of this big problem, we find solace in the Woo Audio, which in addition to building excellent driver for the Headphones Dynamic as so for Headphone Electrostatic Stax and Sennheiser, produces also the WEE, an Energizer Elettrostatic, which allows to use all STAX electrostatic headphones, even with a classic dynamic amplifier.

The result obtained through my amplifier SparkCayin 300B, SE Class A, was simply amazing ... both with the Stax SR-507  that with the Omega MKII, which sounded like I had never heard, with explosive dynamics and transparency of the detail out of the ordinary and with a large 3D HeadStage .

All CD's I heard with the first Set-up Stax, now show with this new Set-up WEE / Driver 300B, a wealth of harmonics in the medium / high and low, that with the Driver Stax SRM-600, were only slightly hinted, now instead they come out all over their wealth of detail, giving a greater sense of reality and presence. This making me perceive, that the Stax Sound,  with thick valves "No Compromise" as are the 300B, they can return a musical texture creepy, especially with new headphone Lamda SR-507, which does not absolutely regret the top models of the headphones dynamic.


Although the test was limited in time, it is significant that the couple SR-507/SRM-600L, has highlighted its excellent sound quality, especially with small jazz groups,  such as to make you feel active participant of the event, giving us a musicality, made up of body, headstage and fine detail but always with a neutrality that allows you to listen your headphones for many hours, without any fatigue, and this aspect is for me very important. With this latest release, Stax has certainly reduced the gap between Headphones Electrostatic and Dynamic


A separate deserves Omega MK2, which still represents the best there is on the world market of electrostatic headphone. However if today you do not have the immediate availability of much money, that allows you to pair this headphone with  Woo Audio Wes model, you can have a good results with the WEE model coupled with your traditional amplifier, better if this is Tubes model, getting it a great musical result, comparable to traditional systems with speakers by several tens of thousands of euro.....and I think this is already a great achievement

Valentino (best56)


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I received it a while a go, but couldn't use it because the UcD400 turns out to have a very considerable static-noise-level that only hear faintly on speakers (up to 15cm or so), but makes it unusable for the WEE. So I had to replace it. Not just for the WEE, but the DIY nature (in combination with my skills...) made it troublesome and I figured it couldn't be healthy for my speakers too!.

So now I got a secondhand Arcam P25 to replace it, which is dead quiet (I put in on low gain to have some useable range in volume control). Too bad it is just not as good as the UcD400 in sound, but the build quality and silence are worth a bit more.


It will be a difficult 'real' comparison, as the two systems don't have a single device in common except for the headphone and iTunes...

After maybe one hour of play, first impressions are positive, the M192/8000Q/P25/WEE combination seems to make the 4070 a bit more smooth and warm than it is on the VDA2/T1W. More real listening sessions have to follow though.


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Are there anymore reviews of the Wee?

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Originally Posted by Hawaiiancerveza View Post

Are there anymore reviews of the Wee?

I am also interested hearing more thoughts about this product.

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I have enjoyed using the WEE. I wouldn't want to be without it. Given good amps, it bettered my KGSS. I also hooked up my K1K to the speaker terminals allowing me to alternate between my Stax and Jades with the K1K. It was GREAT! IMHO, this is a no brainer product to own if you have the need for it. It's relatively inexpensive and sonically is extremely good; this being somewhat dependent on amplifiers used. I employed a pair of Aragon Palladiums and it was magical. To beat this you need some serious electrostatic amps of which only a handful are in current production and most above the $5K range.

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