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Originally Posted by dfkt View Post

Absolutely, as far as video playback goes: http://www.cccp-project.net/


CCCP use to be great but if you check that link, the last update to cccp was in 2009......bit out of date, and the beta's by cccp's own admission can brick windows....not fun(and i have seen it happen)


I cant say this strongly enough, DO NOT USE KLITE its crap, a large part of the non-virus/malware problems I have seen over the last 20 years with windows have been issues caused by klite or other poorly made codec packs.


cccp isnt bad, but its out of date


latist STABLE cccp



thats getting close to being a year old........sheesh....this is why I dumped cccp, to many missing bug fixes in the "stable" versions.


The pack/packs I suggest is http://shark007.net's, Now here is why.

Author: Shark007
Date: 2010-07-28
Size: 28 MB
License: Freeware
Requires: Win 7
Downloaded: 2724959 Times

thats the info about the x86(32bit) pack for win7(the vista pack is same age and works on xp and 2k) 


and add that theres a x64 componant to get mediacenter on x64 windows working with any video type.


Author: Shark007
Date: 2010-07-18
Size: 11.7 MB
License: Freeware
Requires: Win XP/2003/Vista/Windows7
Downloaded: 982405 Times


again far more up to date then cccp.


Now to the other reasons other then age.


1. shark007 gives far better support for found bugs and problems then any other codec pack i have found and i have used all the top names and good number of lesser known packs in testing.


2. Shark updates his packs when there are updates to the componant parts he uses (haali, ffdshow,xvid,ac3filter on and on) this means any new bug fixes that show up hit his pack asap(not a year or more later) 


3. Shark has a stellar codec control app that really makes managing your codecs/video playback options.









give it a look, also shark007 offers MPC-HC and other tools on his tools page, the MPC-HC version is configured to use system codecs rather then out of date internal codecs.


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Are you people so lazy you can't install the individual components yourselves? =/

Codec packs only save you a small amount of time, and often come with outdated stuff or in the case of klite, full of crap.


If anyone wonders why playback on Vista/7 often looks like crap: Haali's media splitter and perhaps some other methods fix the issue. It's beyond my imagination why the default sucks so bad at scaling.

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again, this is why i use sharks pack, not only does he test it and set it up for each modern Windows version, it works properly out of the box.


and who wants to download ffdshow, haali, and a stack of other stuff and install and configure each peice seperatly.


on that subject what version of ffdshow do you get, the main branch, tryouts or one of the others that are out there?


or should you grab the latist source, spend 4hours getting a compiler working properly and compile it yourself.....(yes i have had people tell me thats the best way, but the same people think that you should setup linux by compiling each part of the OS yourself and then compile and recompile each time an update comes out....) 


klite/gknot and a lot of other packs are HORRIBLE, hell some still install zoomplayer and its horribly out dated and buggy ffdshow codecs(along side their codec pack) blah!!!


go take a look at the speed at witch shark updates his packs.

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Well that depends, personally it took me 2 mins to set up MPC-HC for everything. Well the included filters and splitters in MPC-HC are enough for me. And it won't take 5 mins to set up everything if I ever need ffdshow or haali or any of that matter. It's the matter of knowing what you're doing beside I don't know why but I hate packs.


EDIT: MPC-HC is what I choose for video playback, it's better than other solutions to me.

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the only problem with that is that mpc-hc's filters/codecs are all quite out of date, hence why I dont use it alone, a few files I have show artifacts with mpc-hc's internal filters but not with ffdshow's or DivX(latist build), at least with VLC they do update the filters more offten the mpc-hc.

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I like Splash. Great video quality, uses very little CPU and I don't need to install any third party codecs to make it not suck. Only thing is that it doesn't support every format yet, but it works with most of those that matter.

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