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@ audiowize - That amp looks sweet!  Thanks for throwing it in the raffle!


@ Asr - sounds like you're getting your trip's worth of sightseeing!  Awesome!  Will be good to have you at the meet!


I know I'm sounding like a total broken record, but this meet is shaping up awesome.  Great gear and some great prizes going on.  I am totally excited!


I actually decided to throw my gear in my car to set up after we get the area set up tonight.  The place I park in here is a valet parking structure with security cameras.  I figure it's about as safe as it can be in a car.  Heck, the keys are usually accessible easy, so if they were going to steal something from the garage my amp (awesome as it is) probably will not be the primary target.

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All packed up and ready to go down and setup. Thank goodness we can set up the night before.

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What time are folks getting to FPE tonight?

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I think we can be there as early as 5. Ask Gil though.

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That sounds right, I just wanted to get some confirmation.  Last time I talked to Gil on the phone, I already had two glasses of wine. 

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just dropped off some of my gear (LCD-2, TPs, soldering iron, etc) at Ken's place. Looks like the Liquid Fire will be missing as it is already back in Austin Texas with Alex Cavalli. I will be bringing the Liquid Gold however and Ken will have the new Red Wine Audio LPV-5 Isabella (hope i got that right), which sounds pretty darn good if you ask me.

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5 o'clock will be fine, just ring the doorbell and we will let you in.

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We set up the space tonight. The space for the meet is just plain awesome. The Front Panel Express Morgan Jones Headphone Amp is just plain amazing in person. The Balancing Act was very impressive on my listen this evening.





"Curbfeeler can't believe his eyes. Is it really a Balancing Act" .   Somebody needs to pinch him!!!!!


This was at Front Panel Express earlier today.


You guys will like the set up with the MOT's in their own rooms. Very happy with the layout. Lots of space.

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Have a great time all, more photos please!


The BA & Ayon  Skylla look great!

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Hi! I'll be there with my HD600, Darkvoice 336i, and Sony DVP-S7000. Excited to try out the HD800

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I've been having a blast so far and the meet hasn't even started? Madness! The Seattle-Bainbridge ferry was awesome btw, but the ride felt too short. I got some cool night pics of the Seattle skyline on the way back. Also on my camera are day and night shots from inside the Space Needle.


I had 4 drinks today (2 mixed, 2 beers) and I'm ready to sample some more tomorrow! The local brews are pretty good - though I'm not much of a drinker admittedly.


Ok time to get serious now, because audio gear is serious business, right? It'll be great to check out gear, Front Panel Express, new music, and lots of new people (not necessarily in that order). It's a good thing I still have plenty of free space on my camera's memory card because I anticipate taking a lot more pics tomorrow.

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Bremerton Ferry is the long one. Glad you are having a good time Asr. The meet is ready. Are you ready? It will be a great time.

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Please copy my Phone 206 651 4179    

Just in case you can't find the meet. There will be signs out. I know we are used to meeting at a library. Somebody got lost and couldn't make it in Woodinville.


See you there.

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When is the next meet? I don't have transportation, I hope we'll be able to meet somewhere downtown next time where it's easy to get public transportation.

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