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Seattle Head-fi Meet at Front Panel Express October 2, 2010

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The folks at Front Panel Express liked the last meet so much they have invited us to have our next meet at their facility. All MOT's are invited to the meet beside us Head-fiers. Just PM me for details. We will have a raffle of some awesome gear at this meet. Once I get the list I will post it. We will have a few rooms to spread everything out. Very nice arrangement for us Head-fiers. Will update this post so check it often.


WHEN: October 2, 2010


WHERE: Front Panel Express

              5959 Corson Avenue South, Suite I

              Seattle, WA 98108


Phone:  206-768-0602 Front Panel Express

            206-651-4179 BIG POPPA (GIL)


TIME : Registration 9am-11am

           Meet 11am-5pm

           Shop Tour 2pm with Scott Hoveland

           Tear down 5pm-6pm




Members Of Trade: audiowize of Front Panel Express http://www.frontpanelexpress.com/index.htm

                             Doc B of Bottlehead.com http://www.bottlehead.com/

                             Joe Pittman of Kosmic.us http://www.kosmic.us/

                             Ken Ball of ALO/32 Ohm Audio  http://www.aloaudio.com/

                             Alex Rossen of Audeze http://www.audeze.com/

                             Ken Garza of Revolution Power http://www.revolutionpower.com/servlet/StoreFront



We will be setting up on Friday evening from 6pm-7pm if anyone wants to set up their gear and register early.




The MOT's will be donating some awesome gear for the raffle.




You receive one ticket when you register for free and if you want anymore, you may purchase up to 4 more tickets at $5 a ticket. The max tickets an individual could have would be 5 for a person if they choose to buy more.(1 free + 4 purchased) The tickets could be purchased at any time from the beginning till like 1:00 when the raffle could be held. CASH ONLY for raffle tickets.




Raffle Gear List

1. Donated by Joe Pittman, Kosmic.us .I’ll provide one Oyaide DX Duplex Power Receptacle $90.00 value. Has Silver/Rhodium plating.

Link for more info. http://www.kosmic.us/oyaide-dx.html

oyaide 1.jpg

2.Donated by Joe Pittman , Kosmic.us . And one Oyaide PA-23 ZX power cable with 15Amp IEC, 1.3m long $185.00 value. Has Silver/Palladium plating.

Link for more info http://www.kosmic.us/oyaide-pa-23zx.html

oyaide 2.jpg

3.Donated by Doc B. http://www.bottlehead.com/

A built Crack amp

More info here http://www.bottlehead.com/store.php?crn=44&rn=442&action=show_detail


4. Donated by Doc B http://www.bottlehead.com/

A Kit Crack Amp 


More info herehttp://www.bottlehead.com/store.php?crn=44&rn=442&action=show_detail



5.Donated by audiowize http://www.frontpanelexpress.com/\

A highly modified/specialized Morgan Jones Mini headphone amp.



6. & 7. Donated by Audeze and ALO. Alex and KB http://www.audeze.com/ and http://www.aloaudio.com/

A pair of LCD-2's and a custom cable by ALO





8. Socrates63 is Donating a full retail version of Windows 7



We will have other gear in the raffle. Will update in a bit



Attendee/Gear List


1. audiowize


3. Curbfeeler

4. Doc.B of Bottlehead

5. xtreme4099

6. Joe Pittman of Kosmic.us

7. Kingstyles

8. Equus

9. Seamaster

10. tink97

11. poetik

12. muumuu

13. boomy3555

14. madelvice

15. nordan

16. iamoneagain

17. replytoken

18. bhjazz

19. Smeggy

20. Uncle Bob

21. Sachu

22. chickendinner

23. motherone

24. Joshatdot

25. KB of ALO

26. flatmap

27. Alex Rossen of Audeze

28. markj

29. jbrooke

30. Wharfrat

31. Asr

32. mochiman

33. Ken Garza of Revolution Power

34. Adam G

35. Illegal Alienus










You are looking for Georgetown Center, a group of buildings between Corson Avenue S and S Fidalgo St. Corson Avenue S is a one-way street, so the best approach to Front Panel Express from I-5 northbound or southbound is Exit 162. At the bottom of the ramp bear right. The east entrance to Georgetown Center is immediately after the intersecton of S Orcas St and Corson Avenue S. Go past the woodworking store on your left and keep to the right. Front Panel express is on the west side of Georgetown Center at the end of Fidalgo St.

From 509 northbound take the Michigan St / I-5 exit. Bear RIGHT (East) onto S Michigan St. Turn LEFT (North) onto 6th Ave S. Turn RIGHT (East) onto S Fidalgo St and follow it to its end at Georgetown Center. You are at Front Panel Express.

From 44th Avenue S southbound, Turn LEFT (East) onto S Fidalgo St and follow it to its end at Georgetown Center. You are at Front Panel Express.

From S Lucile St westbound toward the underpass at I-5, turn RIGHT (North) onto Airport Way S, then LEFT (West) onto S Lucile St. Turn LEFT (South) onto 6th Ave S. Turn LEFT (East) onto S Fidalgo St and follow it to its end at Georgetown Center. You are at Front Panel Express.

Edited by BIG POPPA - 10/1/10 at 11:09pm
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Very cool, I think I think I will be able to make it. I am going to be out of town on buisness getting back friday night. Dont have a clue what I will have for gear.

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Nice!  I don't foresee any problems making it, especially with the advance notice.  I should be able to volunteer for whatever you need, and I work out of the Columbia Tower so I can swing by there after work on Friday to help with setup.  I'll PM ya Poppa.

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I would like to help.

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Yeah, I just got the email saying my amp is ready to be shipped. Now.... if I can only get a source before then. The wife gave me the ok to come. Looking forward to it.

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Updated 1st post. Check out the raffle stuff.

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Very nice.  Being a few hours away I probably can't do any volunteering aside from post-meet cleanup, I can certainly bring up some goods from Costco if we're short anything in regards to munchies.

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I haven't been able to come to either the the Seattle meets or even the stumptown greets so I'm gonna need to be there for this one " Come Hell of High Water". I'll bring some of my DIY stuff and the following


Ray Samuels "Protector" w/ multiple balance adapters

dual mono 1/4 "

dual XLR

4 pin mini XLR


HiFiMan EF-2


Little Singer HA1


My DIY Briefcase amp.


Hammacher Schlemmer Zebrawood headphones

1 balanced

1 single ended


DIY Pair of headphones w/ Denon ahd2K drivers

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Sweet.  It'll be good to have you up here boomy!


Nice raffle stuff there Gil!  Shaping up to be an exciting meet!  Let's see how much buzz we can drum up in the next 2 months or so. 

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Hey guys, this may be just the meet to bring your friends? You know the ones... The ones that enjoy your gear but not on Head-fi yet. I put the meet on my signature. Would be way cool for the attendee's to do the same to spread the word.

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Hey All, I am super excited for this.  Heh will be my first meet.


See you all there.



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Cool...welcome aboard Tink.  Hope you have a good time!

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I think it goes without saying, but I will be there!  The raffle from us (Front Panel Express) will be a highly modified/specialized Morgan Jones Mini headphone amp.

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Wish i could make this meet..love FPE...atleast one of my previous amps (Stacker 2) with an FPE panel will make this meet. 

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Yeah, I have been sending a few PM's out, some Emails, and a few calls to get the word out. Will See Phil LaRocco this weekend. Looking forward to it.

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