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Help a noob find a can

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Hello all,


I listen to Indian classical music and songs with a lot of vocals. I also listen to Soft Rock, Power Ballads and some 80's pop.

Some examples would be Dire Straits ( Sultans of Swing ) Aha ( hunting high and low ) Madonna ( Live to tell, La Isla Bonita )

Bon Jovi ( Wanted Dead or alive ) U2, Poison, Bryan Adams, Zepplin, Kenny G etc


I will be using the cans with a head room micro amp and dac combo. Source for now is a DVD player, computer and an ipod. 


I am willing to pay  ~ USD 600 and would be ok getting a used one in good condition if a good fit is out of my budget new. 


Was hoping that you might have a recommendation for me.


Thanks and Cheers



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Those genres cover a lot of ground.  Any other preferences like open or closed, bass head or treble head, etc.

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Thanks in advance for your help.


No particular preference for open or closed though everything being equal closed could potentially be used in public places so that might be an advantage.


My highest priority would be for comfort, a close second would be SQ. The third would be for budget.

In terms of listening preferences I need the vocals to come out as best as it can followed by clean treble and tight bass.

I do not like boomy bass.




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Welcome to head-fi!


Comfort over SQ?  Are you using them for really long listening sessions?  And would you be using them as portable or semi-transportable, if you're talking about using them in public areas?

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I'm thinking of Grado RS1 .

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The Beyer 770/880/990 are very comfy.  The 770/600 ohm or the 880/600 ohm are probably the most neutral of those, but still a little bright.  The 770s are closed while the the 880s are "semi-open".


That's all I can think of right now.

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The DT880/600 are great sounding phones, they are quite comfy but first impressions was that they were suprisingly small, but thats comparing to the Audio Technica ATH-AD700's, but they sound a LOT better ;-)


I sometimes see comments about them being a little bright, I guess compared to the HD650's they are much brighter but still very neutral, infact I prefer the extra sizzle on the high end, it makes them much more alive. 


Of course if comfort is your priority then I dont think you can beat the Audio Technica ATH-AD500 or 700, providing your head size falls into the "normal" size then they fit well as there is no adjusting for size with them, I personally have yet to find a more comfy headphone.

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