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Originally Posted by robm321 View Post

^ I agree with fatcat - 80, 225, RS-1

I third that motion!

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Well generally if i'm at a computer (which is anytime im not in class or in the gym) I have had my 555's or super.fi's on/in, even if im not listening to music.  id rather just leave my headphones on and have them be comfortable enough to forget they are there than fumble with swapping wires for speakers or headphones every time i wanna listen/play cs



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On comfort. grados are ok for an album or 2 then you need a break.After all how many people listen for more than 2 hours anyway. I do at work but that is a different story. They start hurting a bit after 1 1/2 or so hours. Then I take a break.

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I'll fourth the motion.




I've hears or owned just about all the current Grados below the RS1. Except for the RS2. I've even had the pleasure of hearing the HP1000. The 325is is the one I like the least. They just made my ears bleed they're so piercing. I had big hopes for them moving up from the 225. I even had them and the HF-2 at the same time. The highs are way over the top on the 325is. It sounds artificial as was said earlier in this thread.

I think if someone's budget is $300, I'd recommend the 225 and maybe a nice amp. If picked them up on the Sales Corner, someone can pick up a nice little Grado based rig for about $300.

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Hello again, I just wanted to thank everyone who took the time to respond. I now consider myself to be a bit more educated in the matter now that I have read the input from so many who seem to be passionate about Grados weather it be pro or con about them. My friend ended up getting the SR225i and likes them a lot. I am enjoying my AKG 242s but will most lilely buy a pair of Grados for myself in the near future. Again, thanks!

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