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Fort Myers, Florida Meet - July 24th, 2010  

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Well, HiFlight (Ron) did it again by graciously hosting another meet at the Fort Myers Yacht Club. About 13 attendees showed up and a good time was had by all, except I did not eat as many cookies as I wanted too. Sewerguy (Bill) created a thread in the meet sub-forum and I hope he moves it here soon, meanwhile I will leave you with a couple of pics I took (missed many rigs so others will have to chime in).


I was able to listen to the Head Direct HiFiMAN HE-5LE and IMO it looks better than the HE-5 but more important it sounds better, the top end is way smoother and clearer. I was also able to listen to the iBasso Toucan and what can I say that has not been said by those who have already posted on its great sound. However what I will mention is the clever way HiFlight is re-terminating his cans via a balance mini 4 plug which I hope he posts some pictures off. I know I will be sending him some of my cans to re-terminate.











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Sweet marantz, I will eventually get one, but one piece at the time, one at the time!
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A great time was had by all. There were only ten in attendance but there was enough equipment to audition to keep you busy all day. The meets genial host was Ron Kerlin, it was held at the Ft Meyers Yacht Club, very nice facility.


Ron had a tableful of his own equipment including I Basso portables, Wu Audio tube amp, Sony 2000 & 5000 phones, AKG K340's & all the usual suspects. Most of Ron's equipment is wired for bslanced in & out, including the portables.


Miguel from Miami showed up with a car full of equipment from computer audiio to Stax electrostatics; a very impressive showing by a great guy. Another attendee whoese name slips my mind fron Clearwater had 3 models of Stax phones & AKG 60's driven by an Aleph One amp, nice sounding rig.


I introduced my Super Chiarra amplifier. The amplifier circuit gives improved performance over the original circuit & will drive anything from Grado RS 1's to AKG K340's. There is also a new power supply.that is in its own case separate from the amp., to eliminate any trace of electrical noise. Though it is a solid state circuit it is neutral & does not color the music. It is pure class A. The original ws designed by John Linsley Hood & is an example of the best of British designs.





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Hi. I've been out of circulation for a while, so I guess I'm bumping an old-ish thread now.


This was a great meet, which proves you don't need a mob of people to have a good meet. In fact, it was nice that everything was so mellow for hanging around and chatting. Even at that, I realized after the meet that I had missed a whole table of great gear. It was wonderful to be in a room quiet enough to hear the gear well. That doesn't happen at every meet.


Gear-wise highlights for me included the HiFiMan lossless player, which was absolutely eccellent on my IEMs, less so on a pair of ESW-9s, but then again I'm not familiar with the ESW-9s, so it could be that they didn't float my boat as opposed to the HiFiMan not driving them well.


The HE-5LEs sounded great on Ron's WA6. The rising treble of the pair of HE-5 that Miguel had for a while was nowhere to be heard and the WA6 was driving them with aplomb, which my 6SE had not done with the original 5s. The shell of the 5LEs is not as beautiful as the wooden one on the 5, but the 5 LEs are still a very attractive headphone.


Plaidplatypus had an very interesting set of Stax Sigmas, modified with 404LE drivers (by spritzer, IIRC) that were impressive, as was Miguels' old school tuner, driving both 'stats and K-1000s.


The most fun had with a piece of gear had to be the tiny, peculiar-looking naked amp that Ron brought, an Audi Bravo, or Bravo Audi, I couldn't quite tell which. Somebody got the idea of seeing if it would drive K-1000s (which proves you don't need to drink to have a good time if nothing else ;-) Thing is, at moderate levels it sounded good with the K-100s! Up to the point where I thought I heard a little clipping, at which point I backed the volume down quick-ish. So then I pulled out my HD-650s and tried them on the little rascal. They sounded great. There was a major synergy. My HD-650s (which have Moon Audio Silver Dragons cables) and this little amp, with whatever tube this particular one had, on this particular day, etc, etc, sounded as good as I've heard 650s sound. Astounding. Then I tired my K-701s. K-701s aren't the most drivable phones on the planet to say the least, but this little thing did really well with them. I think they sound better on my Woo, which only costs 32 times as much, but for darn sure not 32 times better. They were really enjoyable. You've got to be realistic. Money and over the top parts and construction do buy performance and enduring quality and whatnot, but this little gizmo shakes your frame or reference. By they way, Ron's copy wasn't naked because he had taken it out of its case, it just is naked. It sort of has a case, in the way that Misty May Treanor sort of has a volleyball uniform. It's just the circuit board, with two little pieces of plexiglas on standoffs, one above and one below the board. There are no sides at all. The jacks are all board-mounted and are more or less in the breeze. It's a good thing its rail voltage is way less than Ms Treanor's. Most peculiar indeed. But mostly - fun, which is the idea and and what we had a lot of at this meet.

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Hi Carl, glad to read your post. We should do it again later (october maybe) in the  year. Hopefully Ron will be up to the task. Cheers.

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