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I hope you're not calling the iMac's CRT high quality.
Actually, yes I am Working with schools, I've seen a TON of 15" CRTs, and the iMac display is actually one of the better ones. It's actually pretty hard to find a good 15" display any more. Most monitor manufacturers are concentrating on the 17" or larger models, and those that do make 15" displays generally consider them to be "budget" models so they don't use the best tubes in them. But if you look at reviews of the iMac, one of the accolades it has received is that it has a very good monitor.

Of course, all this will be moot in a couple weeks when the iMac has a flat panel display

Doesn't the iBooks monitor look like it has a smaller pixel density than the Ti Book? I could be wrong. Same with the iMac, it has a very pixelated look.
pigmode, the iBook's screen actually has a *higher* pixel density than the TiBook. It doesn't look pixelated at all.

Aaaah... I think I figured out the problem. You must be talking about the old iBooks, not the new ones. The new iBooks have a 1024x768, 12.1" display that is hands down the best 12.1 in the business (that's not just my opinion -- it's been reviews as such by even PC mags). The older models had 800x600 screens that weren't nearly as good. The other possibility is that the one you saw was using a non-native resolution; LCD displays all look pixellated when not using their native rez.

That said, this Windows box I'm on is my first, but I'll probably be migrating back to a Mac by the end of the year. To tell you the truth, it's something I'm really excited about.
Good for you; it's great when you can actually be excited about something you use so many hours each day (Windows or Mac).

Reliability: yes, they break. One of the strategies that Jobs used to increase Apples profitability was to cut back on build quality a little. I believe they are as good or better than anything out there, but they are not at the same level that they once were. That's my impression anyway.
In my experience, you're right, pigmode. They are definitely better than most other brands, but they're not as good as they were five years ago. The reason for it is cost -- to eliminate the cost premium, they had to standardize on lower quality components. For the most part, nowadays they use the same exact parts as any PC, so you're going to see hardware failure rates that are higher than they used to be.