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Big dissatisfaction of YUIN earbuds

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In January 2010 I bought yuin pk 2 earbuds of head-direct, which I received in February. Unfortunately the earbuds broke down beginning of July. That's a total of 5 month usage while the warranty is only 3 months! The seller head-direct won't repair the buds or replace them and I now really feel like they have stolen my money.


I am, in summary, amazed by the following facts:


- That such expensive earbuds ($79) come with such limited consumer service. When a company only give so little warranty on expensive products, people should know the company itself has little faith in their own product's durability. (Though indeed it's my own fault that I failed to notice the short warranty duration, I assumed it was at least 1 year as it is with all EU products.)


- Why does this brand have the "head-fi seal of approval". Yuin is a brand with good reputation in the community, but this imo is not justified. I feel misleaded by the community, when I decided to buy this earbuds based on posts made on this forum. Only if you do searches to yuin warranty you will find post of many more people that have written about broken yuin buds just outside warranty. When you value money, yuin is not a good brand to buy as sadly became true to me. But this seems to be unknown to the whole community.


So my advice to potential buyers is to avoid yuin earbuds, because the buds might break down soon and you won't likely have warranty left. And it will really anger you, that you payed such a amount of money for simple earbuds breaking down like that..


Anyway I am still here with broken yuins. One of the earbuds won't give sound. The problem is in the cord, because sometimes when I bend the cord the sound is back in both earbuds.

Any suggestions to try and make something of my 79$ investment? Or should I consider this as a lost gambling game with head-direct? I am not good with recabling or soldering for that matter.



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Lol... same thing happens to my pair of PK2: two weeks ago one of the earbuds stopped working. What's more: it is also a cable problem near the connector, because audio comes back when I move it. Maybe just coincidence?

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How did you handle them during your use?  My bro has the PK2 and has owned it for over 2 years.  I have the OK1 and have owned it for a year and a half.  My bro also owns the G1A and G2A for half a year.  We've been happy with the products.  I don't really treat my OK1 nicely and is one of my main earphones.  I've never had a case for it so it just gets tossed in my pocket, laptop bag, or wherever and gets tangled up and yanked on.  I've yet to have problems.  Now the PK2 is a lower priced product and at $79, it isn't as big of an investment as you perceive.  In the world of head-fi, mid priced products are more between $100-$200.  Years back, I would agree with you in the sense that $80 is darn expensive, however in the world of head-fi stuff below $100 is on the cheap side.  Manufacturers are forced to us lesser materials and simplify designs for easier and more cost effective manufacturing.


Now cords are not a big deal.  A solder gun and a donor pair from some other cheap/free earphone will get you back up and running.  Not everyone is so comfortable breaking apart their earphone to do a little surgery, but it's incredibly cheap to do if you are so inclined.

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3 months warranty is really too short for its price. Many earphones have one year warranty, sometimes they don't even want the bad ones back.

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3 months warrenty sucks 

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I agree that the warranty sucks if it's only 3mths.


Having said that I completely disagree that Head-fi members mislead the OP. The bottom line is we generally are talking about sound quality more than anything. Also most manufacturers state how much warranty they provide and if warranty if a concern then it's up to us as individuals to research what we are getting for warranty.

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I know how you feel. I bought mine a while back and one of the channels went dead pretty much right after the warranty expired. I sent it back for them to fix it and they charged 30 bucks. A few months later and the same problem again. Good sounding earbuds but terrible reliability and warranty


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The fact that what you are buying works for an acceptable lifespan (normally associated with the kind of product) is offcourse of relevance whether it is a good/  recommandable product or not. I don't think any forumer here would buy a great sq phone that would break down in half a year with no warranty to back it up. That's simple waste of money and a rip off by the seller

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I agree that the manufacturer should make their product better and provide better warranty (some places like Europe won't even let a manufacturer provide anything less than a 1yr warranty). But generally speaking most head-fi members are discussing sound quality first and things like build quality second. Also many of the head-fi members who recommended Yuin may have not had the breakage issue you have had so will not know to warn new OP's of the potential issue.


On the other hand it is really good that you have started a thread discussing the issue with Yuin's warranty and build quality though, as it will help raise awareness of the problem. So new OP's thinking of Yuin products can make an informed decision with all the facts.

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3 month warraty is fine as most earbud or iem problems are user induced and having to replace more of them would just drive up cost for most that don't need it. It's basically an insurance policy and everyone would pay $10 more for it. Of course there is an expectation of original build quality but 3 mo would generally cover any factory defects.

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OP sorry for your problem, I have owned the PK1 and still own the OK1. The OK1 has been with me for well over a year and so far I guess I have been lucky with no issues. However if the problem is that mini 1/8" how about re-terminating it yourself or with the help of a diyer?

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totally understand you, my pk2 broke at the plug after 5 months of use and i was shocked that the warranty period was only 3 months; should've done my hw.


the earbuds are awesome in that they sound good and look good but the build quality sucks.

i didn't want to just throw the earbuds away because they still work and i like the sound too much. i just replaced the plug with a neutrik one and it was not easy. it was my first time soldering. the wires are painted so you have the burn the paint off carefully to expose the copper underneath. it took me many tries and now the wire is really short but everything works fine. so i ended up buying the re0 and now planning on using the pk2 as an exercise earbud since the wire is short.


i'm now in the process of building a custom cable extension for the buds. hopefully the earbud will last for a while now, as long as they only break at the plug.


i say that if you can find a better ear bud, having the same or a better sound, is just as comfortable and costs about the same, get that one instead.


although i must say i did not baby my pk2 and of course i didn't since they are portable phones. i plugged them to my iriver h10 and kept taking them in and out of my pocket and my bag, which was not very good at all for the plug. so, i'm guessing that if you treat them badly like i did, use them everyday for hours while on the go and sleeping with them on, you'll probably get about 5 months out of them. o well. i guess the pk3 are probably a better deal for someone who uses ear buds like crazy and are expecting them to break.

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join the club bro, Ive said this many times, yuin is overhyped 

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yes, the dreaded yuin cable issue... happened to me a few times too. then I got fed up and went with with the Sennheiser MX980. it's really a shame, because the Yuin buds are fantastic, but the build quality of the cable is horrible.

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I had the same problem with the pk3, I've bought 3 already, 2 have a broken channel and one of them seems to be a bit louder on one ear than the other. I loved their sound, but they lasted about 5 to 6 months. I also have ok3's that I gave to my dad, but he uses them at home so he is careful and I've had those for over year with no issues.


Yuin does have bad build quality for such an expensive phone. Whoever stated earlier $80 is not that big of an investment because it's in the lower range in head-fi gear, I must agree quality sound does not come cheap, but $80 is $80 no matter how you look at it and it should be expected that you at least have some sort of security in your investment rather than just 3 months of warranty..

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