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Originally Posted by rawrster View Post

It's a little bit different for me. Bi-flange usually increases the sound stage for me which I agree but at the same time it also increases the bass. It's a bit more so with triple flange tips which is what I use with the RE-Zero. I do agree that mids are a bit closer since it is a bit closer with single flange and bi-flange tip. I usually get more isolation with bi-flange tip and very rarely is that not the case.

triple flanges ? i assume these are from another source/sell since i only saw 3 single and 2 double flange tips in the RE-ZERO package.


for now i think the bi-flange work better for me since they give space to the sound but they sem to lose some in bass power....but in a way it's like having 2 different sound setups so i am gonna rotate between single and bi flanges and see the sound characteristics of both


2nd day and the sound is actually improving...or at least so i think no stress i am gonna let them take their time and blossom as much as possible


btw i am already thinking my next buy , hopefully a year from now...guess i am becoming a head-fi oholic

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That is correct. The triple flanges I use are not from the RE-Zero. They are Monster triple flanges and quite similar to the smaller bi-flange tip in sound but with better isolation.

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I found that the medium single flange give the best sound for me. Oddly the bi-flange, as well as killing the mids, also closed in the soundstage for me quite a bit. The bass is better and the treble more prominent, but also more prone to harshness and sibilance. They're also very uncomfortable.

The single flange gives a warmer, smoother and more balanced sound that has been what I've liked so much about the ZERO. I've been interested in trying some other tips (Ultimate Ears single flange) but I haven't got around to it yet.

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36 hours in since i got them and i am starting to like them


i burned them last nite with deaver's brown noise flac instead of the pink one (thanx man!) and the sound seems to be picking up


still too early , but i like them.


still unsure if i like better the single or double flange tips though...


(BTW i am already saving money for a pair of DBA-02 this forum is a killer for my pocket ) 

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Originally Posted by yooss View Post


 Well, not a grand total of zero. My Cowon S9 and my friend's Cowon D2 accepts this type of strange plug.


Look at this phone that comes bundled with the D2 Korean DMB version(Notice the TRRS connector) :


Wow, it is hard to upload a photo :)



Yoooss, could you elaborate a little on this, you have the RE-Zero and access to a Cowon D2 DMB version right?  What is the DMB version?  Does the D2 actually have balanced output, and make the RE-Zero's sound better? =p


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Originally Posted by JoetheArachnid View Post

I am also interested in knowing this. Not because I want to stock up for the nuclear apocalyse (although that's not a bad plan... hmm) but just out of interest. I doubt that they're selling like proverbial hot cakes, considering how they're a limited edition from an obscure Chinese company, but I wouldn't expecting them to be languishing on shelves either.


We could PM Fang, or just hope this thread catches his eye...



I think they're selling like proverbial hotcakes.




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There are no balanced dap's at this point so it will not sound any better than normal. The reason why the RE-Zero work fine on the D2+ has already been mentioned and it's because of that DMB which is useless outside of Korea. It has something to do with their radio or something. I don't have a balanced source and amp so can't tell what a balanced setup adds to the mix.


These still sound great however! I've been using the cable adapter lately since I got a J3 which has the headphone out on the bottom so the cable works better for me.

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I see, so you need a balanced output on the source as well as on the amp.


For home use, how much does a balanced source and amp cost?  Are there many, or are they mostly mods?


Sorry if I sound silly, I just want to explore the potential of the RE-Zero's before I order them.

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Nothing I know of comes with a TRRS plug like the ZEROs.  The cheapest balanced rig would probably be the iBasso boomslang + Toucan, but to use the ZEROs balanced you will need an adapter because of the connectors that these pieces of gear use.  After that would be the Little Dot DAC_1 + MKVII balanced amp from what I know, but then you will need to make and adapter for that as well since the MKVII uses a four-pin XLR output.  The higher end stuff use XLRs as well.

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I don't have any balanced sources so I wouldn't know. I do know that balanced typically isn't very cheap. Most of the offerings in the market is SE but there are a good number of balanced as well.

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anyone knows why the ZERO's only have a 3-month warranty ?


why is this ?


i saw the RE-0 has a 12-month warranty ?


anyone else noticed this ? what do you think about it ?

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You should be emailing Head-Direct about it.

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They would definitely know better than any of us. I didn't notice their warranty but typically warranty is not something that would put me over the edge if I was on the fence for an earphone. It is however a limited edition earphone so that may have something to do with it.

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1 week and almost 100 hours in , i think the sound is starting to get better but there's still room for improvement


i think it's gonna improve even more so i will say no more


these are good.the question now is do i buy one more pair as backup (after all these are about to end sooner or later) or go for something better in 12 months from now ?


say DBA/re-262


or maybe buy another REZERO AND go later for a DBA/262 ?


This forum is a money killer but i love it



Which one IEM would you like to buy in the next 4-6 months as an upgrade to RE-ZERO ?

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Warranty is typically only there to handle defects.  A product is made to a certain durability and will not break outside of blatant abuse.  Warranties are not there for abuse.  Because of this a warranty of 3 years versus a warranty of 3 months is no different.  Anything that should happen or go wrong should do it immediately and will be a result of some manufactured defect during production.  If the device is 100% working from the start, it will be that way for years.  Manufacturers can offer longer warranties for piece of mind, and some buyers will pay extra for that piece of mind.  Many will not.  The HifiMan line is largely geared at offering high sound quality at a low price.  One could say there are a lot of corners cut to offer this.  The packaging, accessories, cords, plastic housing (RE252), etc. are not things people like to see on a high cost item, but the HifiMan items are not high cost, and that's exactly why they are not.  The money is spent towards the better hardware that specifically go into making better sound quality.  Outside of that, money is saved where possible.  This makes the HifiMan items both profitable and cost effective.  It's a trade-off I personally like a lot. 

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