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Ft. Meyers Meet 7, 24, 2010: Impressions

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A great time was had by all. There were only ten in attendance but there was enough equipment to audition to keep you busy all day. The meets genial host was Ron Kerlin, it was held at the Ft Meyers Yacht Club, very nice facility.


Ron had a tableful of his own equipment including I Basso portables, Wu Audio tube amp, Sony 2000 & 5000 phones, AKG K340's & all the usual suspects. Most of Ron's equipment is wired for bslanced in & out, including the portables.


Miguel from Miami showed up with a car full of equipment from computer audiio to Stax electrostatics; a very impressive showing by a great guy. Another attendee whoese name slips my mind fron Clearwater had 3 models of Stax phones & AKG 60's driven by an Aleph One amp, nice sounding rig.


I introduced my Super Chiarra amplifier. The amplifier circuit gives improved performance over the original circuit & will drive anything from Grado RS 1's to AKG K340's. There is also a new power supply.that is in its own case separate from the amp., to eliminate any trace of electrical noise. Though it is a solid state circuit it is neutral & does not color the music. It is pure class A. The original ws designed by John Linsley Hood & is an example of the best of British designs.




Ron Kerlins table was the center of attention .More Pics to follow..

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Bill two things, first you should repost in the meet impressions forum. Secondly there were 13 not 10 attendees, yes I am very anal. 

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I certainly enjoyed the meet. By the way great food also!

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more picturesFt Myers July 27th. meet 007.JPG

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Guys, please lets post the meet impression in thread started under the Meet Impressions Sub-Forum. Cheers.

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