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Seattle ---> Any Weekend OK

Hello Neruda,

I could make just about any weekend in the Seattle area, and there's 1 or 2 people that I know that I'm sure would like to come along,

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bring 'em! We gotta get everyone in on this!

oh, but it's probably not going to be in Seattle. most likely it'll be a few hours away. We have to make this fair for both portlanders and seattlers (?) so we'll all have to make a little drive. But think of the drive the headroom geeks are making! And besides, this may be your only chance to try out half of these headphones, not to mention at one time in one place!
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Mount Hood? -- so we can get some snowboarding in too. ;-)
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blah, my first double post.
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ew, a snowboarder! You guys ruin it for everyone!
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hey i love snowboarding too, maybe i should come and ruin it some more!
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well, there is the obvious handicap that we're not going to do this on mount hood, but you'd better be there anyway!
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Hey, Neruda, I just want to let you know that I can't make it if the drive is "a couple hours." Yes, if I had my own car, I would, but I gotta convince my parents to drive me, and they think I'm nuts enough paying for my Etys, much less driving halfway to Oregon to meet some people I met in the Internet... (seriously, this is just what those 'Internet Safety' pamphlets for kids tell you NOT to do!)
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but we're headphone loving strangers =) and we have a respected commercial entity (headroom) backing the meeting.
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Originally posted by eric343
(seriously, this is just what those 'Internet Safety' pamphlets for kids tell you NOT to do!)
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You might end up meeting some guy with an arrow stuck through his head....and calls them Grados!

BTW Tyll, how about turning south on your way back and stopping in Northern CA? The weather is great, BBQ can be fired up, and the pool is always warm.
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LOL, yeah, make it a HeadRoom road trip!
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eric, I'm guessing that if your Dad's with you you won't be in any danger...and I'm sure you won't be in any danger anyway. pleasy try to convince your parents to make the drive, explain to them that this is important! Not only because of the headphone thing, but I think this is going to be an awesome experience for a whole lotta other reasons! We're going to have a jam session, for crying out loud! Tyll's bringing his electric ukulele (yes, electric ukulele), todd's bringing a guitar, I'm bringing my percussion stuff, and anybody else who comes and plays an intrument should definitely bring it. Oh, and I think it's also our duty as northwesterners to introduce these guys to some of our best microbreweries too .
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Sorry I didn't get back to ya sooner. Works been a (bad word goes here) lately. Anyway, count me in, for any day, anywhere between Eugene and Seattle. I can give a ride to someone else if needed. Count me in for about a case of micro's too. "Sounds" like fun!
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sweetness! I'll bring some brewskies too, along with a batch of my Mom's homemade cookies . Who's bringing the drugs? Todd?
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