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Pacific Northwest Get-Together

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Okie-Dokie. I've gotten a couple of offers for a place to meet, and deepriver has a place halfway between Portland and Seattle where we could meet. So, I'm thinking this coming Saturday from about 10 am til 4 pm.

So, how many think they can make it?
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I live in Georgia, if I was oh, about 5 days shorter of a weeks drive I would go. You guys should come to Atlanta.
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Shucks, and I'm flying to Oregon later in August
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okay, for anyone who saw my earlier fanatical rantings, forget it. I think I'll be able to make it!
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Saturday would be great .

...I could make it ! Martin .
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I've talked to my parents about it, and its OK for me to go as long as it's in Seattle-they don't want to go driving around the state/country for something so "insignificant." I think they suffer from Gluegun's-Parents Syndrome...
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I will be there!

( as soon as I find out where there is!)
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yeah, where is it exactly? And is there even a slight chance that you guys could make seperate stops at Seattle and Portland? (although I won't puh that if you can't, since you're already being so damn cool about coming out here for us )
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Problem Resolved

Well Neruda called me today on the phone and we had a little chat. He convinced me I had to let you guys decide when and where it can happen, and he volunteered to head the effort to set up the date and space. I agreed, and his first act was to tell me to shut up and show up---preferably with massive amounts of headphone stuff, soda-pop, and Montana steaks for the barbeque. (Phew! That guy is brutal.)

That was fun. (%

Really I think I should not be involved with pushing the river of when you guys meet. You'd be WAY better at figuring that out. But I want it to happen because I think it would be fun.

So, Neruda's going to organise the thing, and I can come Aug. 11 or 12, then pretty much any weekend between Sept 22 and Haloween. I need to set a number to make things easy, so, I need at least eight people to make the drive, and I'll go both places if there are at least eight at each place. (Parents, girlfriends and wives count double, even if reluctant.) I can go on a weekend, to both/either Portland and/or Seattle any Saturday and/or Sunday (in either order). I'll bring the steaks and pop, you guys set the place---just make sure theres a barbeque grill, every body brings their own beer. (Sharing of good beers allowed.)

I can't wait!

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man, was I really that mean? Shoot, back to those anger management courses again...

Well, I guess that having Chych there is out; he's coming on August 14th and I was sort of hoping to have this thing on the 18th. hmm...back to the ol' drawing board . Well...how about the 11th or 12th? anyone?
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Well, I know that I and my dad will come, although August is a hairy month for us-school starts in the last week, and we're planning on going up to Sun Peaks (BC, Canada ski resort) to look at/buy/whatever a condo. However, I think I *may* be able to talk them in to keeping a particular weekend free. We may want to plan for the weekend before the third week in August, which (according to the handy Windows calendar) is the 18/19th.

Complex, aint it?
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well, there's one more that will most likely be able to make it that week. Where are we now? Counting Budgie (if he can make it then), my mom and eric's Dad that'll be five people. Who else could make it? Monk, how 'bout you?
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I can try to make it, but the weekend of the 18th isn't gonna work for me...leaving for college in NY that weekend. And I'll be gone August 4th through the 8th. The later in August = the harder it will be for me to come.
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Neruda: Assuming you're counting for the Portland end I'll probably come, at least for awhile (probably have to spend the usual 3-4 hrs. at Powells if I drive to Port.) and my wife will probably be with me if Tyll's willing to count her toward the required 8. I'm still willing to offer my place which is 2 hrs. so. of Sea. and 1 1/2 hrs. no. of Portland. Don't know if that attracts more people coming from both directions or fewer 'cause nobody wants to drive that far, but throw the idea on the fire to see if anybody salutes (or run it up the flagpole and see if it burns).
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hmm, alright, so would you be able to make it on the 12th ian? because if you can, that day could work. We're getting close, but I'm not sure if everyone from the area is reprisenting themselves. I had originally thought that there were quite a few more powope from the NW on headwize/fi...
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