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Some impressions about Beyerdynamic T1

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Just a few impressions and thoughts, try to makes some records of this respectable headphone.



1.This headphone really damned demanding amps power and quality....even exceed to HD800 in this regards.



2.If Amp without enough power, you can still got some "Euphonic" mid, but this kind of sound even a old HD650 can exhaust. Imaging,dynamics and frequency just not

so ideal, compare its priced. So, A good amp is need. I use this amp to got T1 sing.



3.Compare other SOTA league headphones, what's the pros or cons that T1 can offer? Or which Features makes it just "different"?.


 Accurate and Power. this is my answer.



4.T1's sound-field is somehow hard to describe, to a head-fier like me.


If you got used about normal headphone's imaging, maybe would underwhelming at first time: it not so expand(diffused) or "Wow!" as its opponent, things just go ordinary, somehow boring.......wait! something really unusual! The stage is lesser Compressed and Deform in edge,  believable! 


The Perspective is T1's another pros (or cons),beyer maybe plays some psychophysics tricks in T1, easily makes you believe the imaging is "out of head"  more than "in head".I guess the angle baffled really works. 


Most headphone reach this unlimited lifelike realm in "disappear" way, its some kind of spatial feeling (Illusion) that makes sounds diffused,or disappear as "actual" being. IMO, HD800 is in this side,too.


But T1 is somehow different, as least not in the "disapper" side, its imaging has the sense of presence different to former,Whole scene been well-constructed,solid-like.


I guess the driver in T1 is really powerful than most headphone.......That's not about the size of sound-field, but about the amount of air driver can moving.


5.IMO, T1 is more close the revealing side than artificial side. Amps character would plays an important in whole system's final conclusion, consider the power-hungry feature of T1, A Strong Solid-stage amp that can exhaust enough voltage and current is recommend.



6.T1 is somehow sensitive about system's absolute polarity and amps phase-shift , If you wanna whole sound scape more stable and clear, try to make some adjust about this. 


7. I believe this headphone is a purist's work. take a example, more close  porsche,or Tesla roadster than Rolls-Royce or Mercedes-Benz.Just hold your steering wheel well and let it takes you to Audio Nirvana ! lol

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thanks for sharing your thoughts on the T1.

so exactly what amp are you using?

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