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That's great, I didn't know that the article was written on Wmcmanus!


Fantastic setup.

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Wayne, you have a great collection and I'm sure it brings you a lot of pleasure.  I know you don't collect the phones just for collecting or bragging rights.  You seemed like a very down to earth guy when I met you at Canjam 09.  I'm into this for the same reason, to enjoy the music.


I kept thinking I've gone overboard with my gear, but I'm way behind you with my collection.  At my highest point my phone collection alone was still under $22,000, but less now that I have sold big ones like O2 Mk2, K1000, Edition 9, RS-1, AD2000 and others.  I'd love to have the legendary R10, L3000, Omega, and HE90 someday.  I'm down to about $18,000 in phones if you include my most recent addition of LCD-2 and Westone ES5, and then about $19,000 after I get the HE-6 in the next month.  My main headphone rig with just the PWD DAC, ZDT and WES amps, plus CDP-8 transport on the way puts that rig at about $11,000, not including cables and vinyl rig that I'm still building up.


It's crazy why we spend so much money to enjoy music.  I keep thinking about all the live concerts that I could be attending, including airfare, with that money.  But sometimes the only time I get to listen is during those free moments between picking kids up from school and fixing dinner, or after everyone else has gone to bed.  I spend 4 hours just listening to music from 10pm to 2am most nights, when I have some time to myself and speakers would disturb everyone else.  Thank God for headphones.

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Originally Posted by GeorgeGoodman View Post

I didn't care for the title either. People spend $50,000 or more on the hobby or passion of their choice, whether it be a nice truck, coin collection, or paintings. Headphones are like art that you can do something with.


Originally Posted by Wmcmanus View Post



Steve thought that the blog entry would probably get more hits and thus gather more traction if we threw an insane number out (so long as it could be justified).


Steve Guttenberg is an old-school audiophile, but I think he tries, in his blog, to avoid preaching to the converted. He often compares the experience of listening to a typical home theatre rig to the pleasure of listening to old-fashioned 2.0 setups. Without condescending, he gently tries to encourage people to take the plunge and try for better sound, whether via speakers or headphones. The slightly sensational use of the dollar figure in the title was a canny (sorry!) move. If it hooks a casual reader into reading the post, and that reader learns something about the possibilities of better sound, that's great. This is something he does with some regularity, and he is careful to often include discussions of quality equipment that ordinary people can afford without taking out a second mortgage on the farm. In particular, he has often argued that good phones, paired with a moderately-priced amp, can deliver an experience that run-of-the-mill gear just can't provide.


All of which is a very good thing. And it was cool to check Guttenberg's RSS feed and see Wmcmanus and his great collection featured so prominently. It took a minute to sink in, but then the light bulb lit up and I said to myself, "Wait...where do I know this guy's name from?" I'm a little slow on the uptake sometimes, O.K.?


Anyway, congratulations, Wmcmanus, on being recognized for your devotion to this hobby. And dang! I knew you had a great collection, but I didn't know how great. In my next life, maybe...

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Originally Posted by HeadphoneAddict View Post

Thank God for headphones.

I could not agree more. Listening to your music with your headphone on your head while losing yourself in the bliss of the audio sensation is priceless once you are hooked. I cannot imagine a life without headphones if I am completely honest while I am less than a year a 'headphone owner'. Oh well... 

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Great collection of headphones!  Thank you for sharing it with us.


Also, thanks for introducing me to Guttenburg's blog/RSS.  I will be adding it to my reading lists.


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Originally Posted by uofmtiger View Post

Also, thanks for introducing me to Guttenburg's blog/RSS.  I will be adding it to my reading lists.


That would be a good thing.  I hope more people start following his blog.  Lots of great stuff in there.

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"McManus bought a motor home three years ago, and now spends every April through August exploring the U.S. and Canada. He's semiretired and takes a small selection of headphones with him on the road."

Very nice indeed! When traveling how do you find "clean" power for your gear?

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Strangely, I completely missed this thread.  I saw the article via AKG's facebook feed and so I had to look it up here.


Nice collection Wmcmanus.  I hope the little lady will allow me to have one of those.  Travel, a good partner, and good music, sounds like the good life to me.

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Wayne, Holly and I love the article.  Thanks.

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