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NJ Summer Meet Impressions July 24th  

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I had a terrific time. Everyone was great. I totally forgot to take even a single picture. I'm sure there will be pics posted by others. It was fun and very informative. When I have a few moments to digest it all I'll post some thoughts.

Thanks again to everyone that was there and helped organize and put it together.



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NJ Summer Meet Impressions July 24th

It was a great time. Bunch of nice people and heard some really neat stuff. Loved the system doug had with the Woo 6K stat amp his Orpheus Sennheiser and the Sony 5400 made for a very nice listen. Everyone had great stuff and heard the HD800,He5LE and HE6 as well as some very nice Woo amps with the very nice 1500.00 CD player with tubes and solid state made for a very nice listen with my T1. Lots of Stax setups and it was a great time. Spent some time with the LCD2

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NJ Summer Meet Impressions July 24th


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NJ Summer Meet Impressions July 24th



Thanks Scott for the excellent pictures on Facebook.  Especially since I forgot to bring a camera!


But I had a total blast! Nikongod's set up next to Listens2tubes' LP station kept me entranced, as did conversations with Larry Wavoman and Ethan Yikes.


This is why I belong to


George Witterschein a.k.a. grbwitt 


and thanks to Wavoman and Nikongod (and others I'm unaware of) for their hard work in making a New Jersey meet the envy of all, especially those New Yorkers who were good enough to attend I headfi meet on the right side of the Hudson River... right, Aaron? 

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NJ Summer Meet Impressions July 24th


This was a great first meetup.  I can absurdly late (after 4pm) but I gained a lot from talking to Kerry (thanks a lot for all the info) and met some great people.  immtbiker's wife (I seriously hope I got the right person, if I made a mistake please correct me) was lovely and got me a ride back to the NJ Trains so I wouldn't have to deal with the buses.  And a huge thanks to El_Doug for providing that ride =D  And thanks to all the friendly people that made this meet (as short as it was for me) fun and memorable even if I missed most of it.  I am looking forward to the Fall NY Meet.  I hope to have obtained a car by then.  No more of this 4-5 hour trek to get to a meet nonsense.

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I had a good time seeing old friends.  I mostly talked and took pictures so I guess I will just provide the pics.


I'll start with one of my favorite amps, Bozebutton's Super Krell Headphone amp the KSA-5






Nikongod brought his usual assortment of awesomeness.






There was a good selection of gear from everyone.










and even some innovative, if not scary, headphone stands.






To Be Continued....

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I'm at work but as soon as I get home I'll post some impressions!
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Part II


We were lucky enough to have Woo Audio in attendance with a long table of fantastic amps.  A Woo amp also showed up at Doug's table.








Assorted gear pics.


Aaron's Dared monoblocks he brought to run his Orthos.
















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Yike's Schitt.  The reason there is a seared fingerprint on the knob is because that volume knob reaches BBQ grill temps when running.


and Phoenix



GRBWitt's souped up Consonance




Ka24Altima's setup



Wavoman's B&O




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Originally Posted by vpivinylspinner View Post

Wavoman's B&O

B&O kit still looks damn sexy!

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Great photos and some really nice gear. It really was a nice day maybe next year we can get some more attendance and LOL it will be fun to see what Doug buys next.

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The people pictures.


Bozebuttons enjoying the Asgard.






Bozebuttons handing off his HE-90 to the new owner Doug.



Decur listing to his own rig.



Nikongod in a Stevie Ray Vaughn trance on his own rig.



Ka24Altima enjoying his own system.



Jack enjoying the fruits of his labor on Doug's setup.



Some people brought their significant others.



I think that is about all.

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Thanks for those amazing pics. It was really fun. All the gear was amazing. There was probably enough heat coming from all those tube to bring up the temperature in the room 15 degrees! I think Doug had his own micro climate going on. Lmao! I'm glad I refrained from buying anything. One's wallet can certainly become crippled by looking at and listening to all the incredible rigs that everyone brought. Thanks to Larry, Woo, Aaron, Frank (who drove me) and everone who came for making the meet so terrific. I look forward to going to more.



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Thanks to everyone who helped out to make a great meet.  Larry you rock! 


It was good to catch up with everyone.  Even got a litttle time to do some listening.


Region2 - nice to meet you.  Glad you enjoyed your first meet.


Thanks to Woo Audio for bring by so much great gear.

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I thought I saw your bhse there!

Looks awesome as always  =)

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