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Push To Listen Microphone?

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I don't know if anyone else here is old to enough to remember the original Sony Walkman. I'm talking about the very first model - the TPS-L2 ( Well, if you look at the picture, it had a prominent yellow temporary push-button on the unit. This button activated a microphone that would pick up ambient sound, partially mute the sound coming from the cassette player and mix it before sending it through to the headphone output. This made it VERY convenient to be able to hear someone without having to take off your headphones. I have always thought this feature was way way ahead of its time. I'd love to have such a feature with my IEMs as it takes me a bit of effort to get a good fit. Therefore, when I'm at work and need to have a quick chat, I'd like to be able to leave the IEM's in, push a button - have a chat, and go back to listening/working.


Has anyone seen such an add-on or built-in feature on modern hardware?


- Kam

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Shure PTH units is the only device I'm aware of that I have, although I'd be interested to know if people know of any others :)


keep it mind tho that it doesn't mix ambient noise with your source--- when you flip on the switch, it just mutes your source (not 100%)

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The mixing feature isn't critical for me at all. Hmmm, the reviews aren't great for the Shure PTH but its basically what I'm looking for. This might be a good candidate for a DIY effort.


- Kam

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Yeah the reviews aren't great, but it suites me well enough and there aren't any other options I'm aware of.  


I agree with all of the reviews that it's unnecessarily bulky and adds cable clutter, but that's a non-issue for me since I use mine when I'm sitting at my desk -- not walking around or mobile in any way.

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Thanks for sharing your opinion. Like you, I will be using it only at work so this may work for me as well.

- Kam
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I use my PCM-M10 recorder as a mp3 sometimes, those omnidirectional mics make killer PTH  Much better than the Shures. Too detailed actually, on high gain I'm often like, crud, I'm breathing too loud. 

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any body willing to part with their sure pth? looking for one or putting together a diy for same effect. (for use @ work) been doing a little digging but i'm not that familiar with mics. basically a powered mic w/line-out output, switch, some jacks.... looked at some self powered omni directional mics for cheap (20.00-30.00), but i think there's a catch with impedance matching... any body have a better handle/knowledge on mics, mic preamps etc... any input/guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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If you use an iPhone or iPod Touch as your player there is an app called Awareness! that incorporates this principle. I've used it and it works but the device needs to be out of your pocket since it uses the on-board mics to receive the ambient noise.

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there are also a number of apps for android. i think i found 3-4 different ones but none of them worked right on my htc eris. oh, well. don't use my phone as a source that often anyway.

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Originally Posted by nkramer View Post

there are also a number of apps for android. i think i found 3-4 different ones but none of them worked right on my htc eris. oh, well. don't use my phone as a source that often anyway.

Hey, could you list the app names for android? seem interesting

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Essency's: Awareness app (for apple hardware) is supposed to eventually be ported to android & symbian


AileSystem Corp.'s: Hear Voice


Also, do a search in the marketplace on your phone for mic or microphone, was a bit ago, don't remember the exact names. All not necessarily mixing with music either, could be combined with separate source. Hope this helps.

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