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Need IEM, max $100

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I am a happy owner of a Sansa Clip + Alessandro MS-1. I need a pair of IEM because I will have roommates next year and I would like to have a bit more isolation for home and a lighter equipement for outside use. I don't want to spend too much, max $80 or $100.


I listen mainly rock but sometimes jazz, metal, hip-hop, classical, etc...


Also, I have a pair of etymotic "ER20 High Fidelity Hearing Protection" which is designed to be used during live shows. I haven't used them yet because I find it quite hard to insert in ear. So i'm a bit afraid that IEMs won't suit me right now. Is the plastic part what is called "tri-flange" ?


What is the best Soundmagic model for isolation? What do you think about it?


Thanks a lot! :-)



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I can't post this thread often enough for people that want isolation + comfort:


Nothing beats this simple DIY mod which you can use for nearly every IEM. Just make sure you cut the foam short enough so it does not cover the nozzle. (If it does you get a dark and muffled sound.)


Now, since the comfort and isolation part is covered, choose whichever IEM has the sound signature you're looking for.

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I am not as knowledgeable, and have only owned a handful of IEMs, but I am a believer in anything Klipsch puts their name on and if I could afford to spend $80 on a pair of IEMs I would get the S4s.


I can afford to, but I would go nuts worrying if I lose them or break them. Plus I don't use headphones enough. If I ever got into a situation where I did wear them more, I would get the S4s. Never have I ever heard something sound so good for the price, at least with their Pro Media 2.1s.

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what sound signature you like, bass, treble. mids? How do you want the headphone to sound, laidback mid, stong bass etc. What is your source and what quality of files will you be using.


The ones you describe are triflanges and are meant to go deep into the ear. They get some getting used to, but they are not all that common so dont worry about it.

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ultrazino : danke, I'll try this mod! :p

DefStatic : well.. what do you think I should get for less bucks?

vash-GR : I use a sansa clip, I am not what we call a basshead. I am not experienced because MS-1 was my first pair, thus I can't tell you what I like. I use mp3 256 or 320 kbps usually

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I'd get Klipsch Custom 3.

Adorama sells it for 99 bucks now, and it's a reputable camera website.

I ordered a pair and got it last week, but the bass in the right ear-bud wasn't working right, so I ordered another one and returned the first.Still waiting for it to ship to my place.


I didn't like the S4 all that much, but that's cuz I compared it to sf5pro, not a fair comparison at all.

The bass was too muddy, and the hi-mid was too harsh (the presence band in guitar EQ)


And judging by the broken pair of custom 3, i'd love it over sf5pro.


In terms of comfortness, custom3 wins no doubt.

We all know sf5pro is very uncomfortable, but i got very used to it since it's my first pair of 100+bucks headphone, and i thought it was alright until i tried custom3. Custom3 is a lot easier to wear (though the first time i had trouble cuz i'm not used to it.) and i kinda don't feel the ear-bud anymore after wearing it for like over 10 minutes.


I know I'm not comparing things in the same price range, I'm just trying to offer my insight lol.

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x2 for he custom 3, great sounding earphone 

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My recommendations considering your info would be: Head Direct RE0 and Thinksound Rain. The RE0 might have some trouble being guided by a sansa clip, at least that's what people claim, personally I haven't had the chance yet to try it with a good amp. For the 100-150$ tier where custom X3 are there are other excellent choices like the Phonak PFE 111/112 and the Panasonic RP-HJE900.


PS: I hope that clip is rockboxed. If not, make it.

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