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J cable canalphones

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Once again I'm on my biennial search for those rare J-cable canalphones.


Over a period of between 5-7 years, I've gone through 4 pairs of Sennheiser CX300's.


Surely in the ever growing world of headphones there must exist J-cable canalphones that surpass or at least are on par with the CX300's?       


So far after a recent cursory search, I know that the Sony MDR-EX500's have a J-cable, and that the ATH-CK7 at least used to come with J-cable.


Who can aid me in my perennial quest to find the holy grail of j cable canalphones?  

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Not sure how high your budget goes but take a look at the Xears TD100. There's some info on them in the (long) Playaz thread - the search function is your friend on that one. I think they are the best J-corded IEMs I've heard that are still available (since the Cyclone PR1 Pro was discontinued last winter).

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Could you comment on its durability? 


And should I buy from playaz-online directly? I'm a little uneasy about buying from a non-English online store.

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Can't comment on long-term durability but the initial build quality seems good enough. They probably won't survive being used as towing rope but the cable isn't thin and seems to be anchored reasonably well. Shells and filters are metal. The stock tips are pretty crummy IMO but Senn CX300 tips will fit them.


And they can be purchased off ebay.

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Thanks for the lowdown joker, 

I'm now in contact with Thomas :)

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