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It seems I've seriously underestimated this Galaxy S... I'll have to look into it.


Review between Galaxy s/ Captivate, iphone 4, and Evo 4g here.

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Droid 2, love it so much. I'm putting my bb Bold 9700 for sale right now, if you guys are interested please PM me.



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Originally Posted by Jmace21 View Post

Does anyone know how good the sound quality of the HTC HD2 is? Would it compare to say.. A Cowon S9? I really want to get the HD2 but I want to know about how good the sound quality is so I know whether I should just dump my S9 in the dusty drawer so it can be forgotten.

I have an HTC HD2 and it is a movie machine.  When I compare sound quality to my old shuffle, 5.5g ipod, 1g nano, zen touch, muvo, and x-fi2...listening to music on the HD2 sounds akin to listening to a $5 FM radio if you could remove the really is gawd awful and thankfully I didn't buy it for it's music playback capabilities.  I have seen rave reviews of HTC phones, in regards to music playback, and it makes me wonder if my unit is defective or if there is some kind of plug in or application that I am unaware of.

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Sony Xperia X10 mini pro



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Whoa, that's ^ a neat phone.

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samsung epic 4g...which is a variant of galaxy s w/ physical keyboard


though honestly id rather have a GSM Nexus One

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Originally Posted by Arlekiin View Post

Sony Xperia X10 mini pro


Ditto! I'm pretty impressed with it so far.

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Yup I took it because it has a keyboard and its small. I wasnt interested in a large brick sized phone but I wanted android functionality I think X10 Mini pro is pretty clever little phone.

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iPhone 4. I recently got it to replace my broken iPod touch 2g (a friend accidentally broke the screen and shortly after getting it repaired the headphone jack broke) and my really cruddy phone (which replaced the nicer one which someone stole). I like it quite a bit. The high-resolution screen makes me  and the fact that, according to head-fi, the sound quality is better is just icing on the cake (I didn't even know until after I got it). Of course, my favorite part is the applications. Sure the Android Market is open to anything, but it still has a lot of catching up to do from what I've seen. Say what you will about the evils of Apple and whatnot, but they do a great job and I'm rather happy with my phone.

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I have been using a 3G iphone for the last 2 years without any major issues!

I recently started my first 'real' job/s and realised that I really need my phone for the following activities in the order of frequency of use:

1. Calling (obviously)

2. Calender/organiser/scheduler/reminders

3. Email

4. Weather

5.Epocrates (medical software)

6. Texting

7. Music (in the gym)

8. Calculator

9. Notes - occasionally.

10. Internet  - occasionally.


The iphone does fit the bill for most items except I dont like its calender/scheduler or the lack of a real keyboard for emails etc.

I have been looking the Blackberries as well as the Droid/HTC phones out there in addition to the iphone 4.

The choices are mind boggling. I dont mind switching to T-mobile/Verizon or staying with AT&T.

Anyone know what might fit the bill for me based on the above usability patterns.


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Using a blackberry curve 8520 right now, I've owned several 9700's, htc aria, hd2, and an iphone 3g.

I buy and fix/resell phones as a hobby so I've gotten to try out a bunch.  Unfortunately I didn't get to use any of the HTC phones for more than a week because they're so popular and sell fast. They are quite nice, was particularly impressed with the aria.  Have to stick to bb's for now though, because I'm on t-mobile and I really need the wifi/uma function that they have, or else I wouldn't even be able to use my phone at home.  I guess I'm content with the 8520, although the 9700's are really great.  The screen is fantastic, it's super clear in direct sunlight and crazy sharp... 8520 unfortunately only has about half the pixels but it's not bad.

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Originally Posted by Ash View Post


Anyone know what might fit the bill for me based on the above usability patterns.


I wouldn't suggest a BlackBerry (yes I use the bb 9000 and swear by it but...) because everything on it will be slower than what your used to (especially the internet). The Galaxy S phone (version w/physical keyboard) would probably be the best upgrade from your 3g.

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Well, blackberries are fine for calling and their email is top notch obviously.  I like their texting system very much too, it's almost like IMing people.  I find the calender function to be very lacking, it would be nice if it were possible to display the day's events on the home screen or something.  In fact, I think the calender on my old nokia n85 was better.  I don't check the weather that much but I imagine there isn't much room for RIM to mess it up too bad.  Note taking and calculator is pretty standard.  Music is rather poor, but if you're going to be listening in the gym it shouldn't be too bad.  The 8520 does have dedicated audio buttons (skip and play/pause + volume rocker)  The only downside would be internet browsing.  It's not horrendous, if you just want to look something up it's alright.  Don't expect to be browsing for fun though.  I've never tried 3g browsing btw, only wifi. The camera on the 8520 sucks, the 9700 is much better but it's not gerat.  Battery life on blackberries is excellent, I can use mine for almost 4 days on a single charge.


If you're looking into HTC/Samsung/Android phones, the huge brick phones seem to be quite popular now.  The HD2, Droidx, evo 4g (which I just got today) are all gigantic monsters. I personally didn't like hd2 that much, I felt that the screen was too sensitive and a lot of times when I was trying to scroll through a menu I would end up clicking an icon instead. evo 4g screen was excellent, very responsive and easy to use.  I don't have a droid X but I played with my friend's briefly and it's nice.  All of these phones are great for videos and internet browsing is very good too.  Typing is ok once you get used to it, but I still prefer phones with keyboards.  Many of these phones also have a swype function which you may like once you get used to it.  The calender function on these phones is much better than on the blackberry, and they definitely have a lot more capabilities.  Music is alright too, I'd say it's better than the blackberry but they won't be replacing my mp3 player.  Battery life on these phones is rather lacking.  The droid X doesn't even last a full day, it dies in the afternoon.


I liked the HTC aria very much.  In fact, if I didn't absolutely have to have UMA I'd be using it right now.  The build quality is superb and it's an extremely compact phone with all the android functions.  If you just want a phone with phone and work functions, a blackberry would be great in my opinion.  The speed isn't really slow, it's actually quite snappy when it comes to opening menus and stuff, in fact I was very impressed with the picture viewer.  There's practically zero lag when opening/switching pictures.  The only thing that's slow is the internet browser.  I hear that the opera browser for bb's is better, but the stock one is pretty lacking.  If you want a fun phone that you can get apps on you're definitely going to want android or some similar touch screen phone.  The screens on these brick phones is just ridiculous, I feel that if I could hook my 360 up to one I could almost play games on them.  They're awesome for videos, pictures, and stuff.  My friend trades stocks on his 3g network and it's fast enough for him.  I don't have any experience with 3g because I can't pay 100$ a month for service.  I don't know what Epocrates is, so I can't help you there.


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Can't stand the ATT service here in town, so when my iPhone 3G "dissappeared" last year, I made the move to a Droid, which my family picked up on, and we all have Droids now.  Pretty happy with it actually, my speaker flaked out a couple weeks ago, and I upgraded to the Droid X, as I really don't use a physical keyboard, and I love the screen.


Seeing that you use Epocrates, which is available on Android phones, there are a lot of other medical programs available in the iTunes App store that are not available on Android as of this writing.  So if you are happy with the ATT service where you are, consider sticking with an iPhone.  Very much harder to find any medical utility apps on any other platform.


Both are great phones, not small, but easy to read, and work pretty well one handed.

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Well today I just ordered a HTC Incredible for my sister and a Droid X for me. Our first smart phones can't wait until they get here.

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