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Here's the specs on it... looks pretty fancy :)

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my sister may be getting one very soon, it looks a bit small for me but otherwise looks awesome

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Originally Posted by mark2410 View Post

my sister may be getting one very soon, it looks a bit small for me but otherwise looks awesome

Yes i have one , it is pretty awsesome ,Full touch screen mode and slide out qwerty keyboard as well, battery is not all that good though once you start playing around with it ,it soon discharges and needs charging every day 

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Originally Posted by Ishcabible View Post

Hopefully they make an N1000 and have a US carrier sell it. I really hope Nokia doesn't give up on Maemo. It has the most potential. Apps really don't interest me that much. As long as I have the essentials like a document processor, physical keyboard and such, I'll be good. I can get a Touch for games and other fun stuff.

Happy N900 user here. There will be no N1000 tho. The successor of the N900 will be the N9 and will be running MeeGo OS (altho its really maemo6 thats meego compatible I think).

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I have an iPhone 3gs.


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blackberry bold 9700

prefer it to the iphone

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any one ever miss old phones?  i miss my old T28, T68 and Z600


they were all just so nice to use

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Samsung Omnia II (my next will be probably some from BlackBerry family)


used to love: Nokia 3310, SE T68 and T610, and my last one before Samsung-Nokia E71.

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I ditched my iPhone 3g for a Nexus One a few weeks ago and I'm not looking back.

(I have a soft spot for my old k750i)


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so no one here have the Tube?


i have nokia 5800XM and an iPhone 3G


pretty much preferred the SQ of the 5800

the screen on the 5800 and the camera of it.


guess ill miss my old N-Gage

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Yea I have the 5800XM also, it is a great phone, not too big and does pretty much everything. 

Only problem is the photo quality at night.

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got plenty of accesories too on the box


one question?

is the 5800 has the juice to drive the M50?

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currently using:

Iphone 2g

Iphone 3gs


waiting on the white 4g


 have a bunch of other phone I don't use though

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Google Nexus One, one of the best out right now I think. Too bad they stopped selling it to the public. Great phone.

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