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your name along with more detailed pics would definitely grease the sale

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Item sold last week.Thanks

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Phones were genuine.

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It's NOT a trap?

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Originally Posted by Epsilonblah View Post

It's NOT a trap?

Wonder who would jump on this without getting proof of purchase ?^^

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I did and now I have a dillema these are not genuine, posting pics tomorrow
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Damn...I was watching this thread back when it was posted...


Sorry that happened to you.  PayPal usually can fix these authenticity issues by reversing the payment if you get a letter from a Sennheiser dealer that states they (the dealer) recognize that your item is counterfeit.  This happened to me when I bought a pair of Oakley's on eBay.  The picture was of authentic glasses, but I was shipped a cheap knockoff.  =( =(  

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Even though seller can provide the receipt, it is still unsafe to buy used IE8s these days.

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Get that scumbag.

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To be fair his name is heiste

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heading over to magnolia to get a signed paper bestbuys high end audio equipment distributer, they are authorized sennheiser dealer.

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Looks fake to me... but better wait for some professionals. You can compare with the IE8 counterfeit thread~

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Yes.  Wait for more experienced IE owners, but from your pictures, the missing red wire is my first dead give away of your predicament.


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Dont wanna be pessimistic, but both the yelowish hue on the inside picture and the seemingly overpolished box are suspicious. More on this in the "fake comparison" thread. Wish you the best of the lucks though

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