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Another IEM Advice Thread

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Last year, I made a thread and people helped me choose my first set of IEMs, the Denon AH-C710.  I liked the sound and was pleased with them, but unfortunately, I lost them last week.  I'm looking to get another pair, hopefully with better SQ than the Denons, but under 130.  After reviewing all the ones talked about on this board, I narrowed it down to the below (long) list:


Price Order

Hippo Shroom EB

Fischer Audio Eterna V2

Hippo VB

Head-Direct RE0

Head-Direct RE-Zero

Monster Turbine

Panasonic HJE900


I will be using an iPhone 4 without an amp.  I listen mostly to Hip Hop, R&B, Rock, Top 40.  I'm not a bass fanatic, but I do enjoy it.


Thanks for any advice!!!

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Any reason why I shouldn't get the Panasonic HJE900 over any of the others listed?  Although it's the highest priced, I can pick it up at a J and R this weekend, but if one of the others have better SQ, I can be patient and wait on shipping.

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I haven't heard the Fischer, Monster, and RE-Zero from your list - but from all the others the HJE900 clearly stands out as the overall best phone.

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Maybe add another $20 and get the Fischer Audio DBA-02? That would be a very big step up in my opinion. I heard it last month and was thoroughly impressed. Beats the other Fischers I've heard so far. I also liked it even better than I like my RE0. It's definitely MY next purchase. 

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Aren't the Fisher a little light on bass for the OP's musical preferences? At least that's what I read about them.

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I think that depends on your reference equipment. I listen mostly to my RE0 which is light on the bass (although my Arrow's bassboost makes these sound just right) so the DBA-02 sounded bassier to me. I can't imagine requiring more bass than the DBA-02 offers. More bass would overwhelm the other frequencies if you ask me. I feel the the DBA-02 is neutral-going-warm, where the RE0 is neutral-going-lean. I do understand this is a matter of taste and preference ofcourse. 


You should try the DBA's dfkt. I'm sure you'll appreciate them. 

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