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Interest Check-Kansas City Area

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I'm in Wichita and would be interested. I think they had a meet in Lawrence a couple years back.

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Maybe, I will get together with some of the other guys that help put them on and I will get back.

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I am basically new to the world of high end audio & am looking to purchase an IEM, so I would be very interested in a meet in KC.

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I'd be interested.

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I am working on a sponsor for a meet. If I can get them it could be the best yet. Should know in a week or two.

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Did anything ever come of this? I just joined this site, and would be interested in such an event!

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I would be interested as well.
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I attended one of the previous KC meets, maybe we could get this going again? I've just started reacquiring gear again!

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I'm 100 miles south, so I might be interested. 

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Laz might make it, depends on the date. 

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Well fellas, I am super busy and I am not going to be able to put one together. Now if someone else wants to I can help a little. I have some equipment that will be donated to raffle.


The long wait was in getting a company to do the meet with, Acoustic Sounds. I was in conversation with Chad and we were in the early stages of getting together and then he purchased a new building and is going to be moving all spring and summer. Someday my goal is having a meet with them and having them do some demo's on turntables and the life of analog.


Also Joe it's good seeing ya' on here again.

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I might be. I'm not sure how I could help but I would love to in any way possible for me.

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