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Which closed cans are most likely to satisfy my needs?

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A few points for consideration:


  • I like my Grado SR80s, but I need a set to listen to in bed while my wife snoozes next to me.


  • The Grados are a tad bit harsh on the top even with the EF2 tube amp. I'd like something with a bigger soundstage (wider and deeper), as well as better imaging to put the musicians out in front of me instead of keeping it boxed up in my head
  • While I'm sure these will get some heavy time on my EF2 rolled with CV4010s, the majority of their time will probably be spent with my iPod pushing high bit-rate ALACs through a cardas silver LOD to a JDS Labs CmoyBB v.2.02.
  • They DO NOT need to be portable.
  • I am not currently using the bass boost on the CmoyBB. The SR80s have plenty without it.
  • I like a nice percussive, tight bass. No boom.
  • Music-wise, I listen to Classic rock (eg CSNY, Pink Floyd, Zep, the Dead), Classical piano/guitar concertos (Chopin), Jazz (Return to Forever, Diana Krall, Ray Brown Trio, Coltrane, Miles, etc); Tool, Coldplay etc, etc, etc.
  • My budget is b/t $100 and $200 - closer to $100 if possible.
  • I have investigated the used route, but I am perplexed as what to buy. I am currently awaiting the arrival of a new set of Superlux HD-668Bs, but they are open. I just picked them up a try and then maybe pass on to my bro as a gift.
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Shure 840 is something you will like

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I have considered that one. Others I am considering are:


  • AKG 271 MK II, 240 MK II
  • A-T ATH-700, ATH-ES7, ATH-M50
  • Senn HD448
  • Beyer DT 440, DT 770 Pro
  • Denon D1000
  • JVC HARX900

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k240 is semi-open. 

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Originally Posted by TheWuss View Post

k240 is semi-open. 

Well that eliminates that one. Thanks (I'll edit it out.)

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Are any of the Koss cans any good (other than the Porta Pro, which is open)?


e.g. Koss Pro4AAT Titanium

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Originally Posted by ufotofu View Post

Are any of the Koss cans any good (other than the Porta Pro, which is open)?


e.g. Koss Pro4AAT Titanium

I haven't heard the Pro4AAT yet, but the new Koss models they have out are very, very good. Even the cheap UR-55 (semi open, so not suggested for your needs) is great and even better then the PortaPro.


I think the Koss Pro DJ100 would fit your requirements very well. They're extremely comfortable and have a better fit then say the M50 and Shure SRH-840. These you could never call harsh. I find what's nice about them is that I could listen to them for hours without fatigue and they seem to be great for rock music. They have a bit more bass then the other headphones I have, but it's not boomy like on my M50s. They have a ton of detail, but it's not excessive.


These also benefit from an amp more then any other cheaper headphone i've ever had. They're only 38ohm too, but still work well straight out of a portable device if needed. They are also closed and light. Around 6.9oz.


Unfortunately they're only available on the Koss website or at Best Buy. It's a Best Buy exclusive I think. One idea is to try them out and then just return them if you have a BB near you. Right now they're my favorite headphones and I'm going to sell my M50s and just stick with these. Seriously these are only $80 and they sound like a $150 pair of headphones.


Hopefully more people try these soon. I'm tired of being what seems like the only one who has heard them! These days it's all M50 and SRH-840 it seems like.

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I'll definitely give them a listen. Best Buy is the only we have around here anymore, and they mostly carry overpriced crap from Bose or cheap IEM. I'll see if my local store carries them. Thanks

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I opted for the AKG 271 MK II. I found a great deal on them at Adorama.com. I hope they are legit, and not fakes.


BTW, other than crap sound (which many cans have before burning), what's the tell-tale sign of fakes? A reviewer on Amazon posted pics of some AKGs w/o the 'Made in Austria" emblem on the side of the headband. Instead, they had a tiny sticker on one earpad showing "Made in R.O.C." (People's Republic of China).

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A good option will be the Ultrassone Pro/PL-650.

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Audio Technica W1000.  With a nice tube amp and an equalizer to bring up the mid bass and low mids this has the absolutely most natural sounding vocals I have ever heard...  I'm considering the W1000x but I'm just so pleased with these. Vocals are better than my AKGs or Denons. Such absolutely beautiful vocals that it gives me goosebumps and chills. The highs are a bit disconnected sounding but  the mids just made me look over them completely

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Why not the Beyer's DT 770 Pro?

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