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Anyone own/experience HE-5 LE with KICAS solid state amp?


Question: How well does the KICAS drive the HE-5 LE?


Current system: Oppo BDP-80 (SACD's, DVD-A's)>KICAS>K701 or Superlux HD-668B (mod'd)


My current phones: K701, D5000, mod'd Superlux HD-668B (used the most), D1001, Porta Pro, Denon AH-C751

Owned: ATH-AD2000, Koss ESP/950, HD600


Genres? Pretty much everything; good recordings or bad - it's all about the music.

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I have had the HE-5LEs as well as the KICAS together (non-caliente).

From my personal experience, after trying to pair up my HE-5LE to the Woo WA5LE as well as the Woo 22, as well as the RSA Protector, the KICAS does a sufficient/average job with them. Ofcourse, you can expect sound from them, but I had to dial the knob up to at least 12 o' clock if I remember correctly to get decent volume. 


I would put it this way, there are many better amps out there that do a much better job, the the KICAS is not completely lacking. However, it does not draw out the potentials of HE-5LE, imo, compared to the WA5LE (which is the best one I heard with these). The WA5LE really made the HE-5LE sing and shine. The sound dosn't seem as full and rich with the KICAS, and not as textured is what I would describe.I'm really not great with descriptions, or reviews, but bottom line, I think there are better amps out there for these.



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Originally Posted by gknix View Post

However, it does not draw out the potentials of HE-5LE, imo, compared to the WA5LE

of course not.


KICAS = $349

WA5LE = $2500



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Okay fine, you win :)


But I think the WA5LE is even better than the WA22, even though its balanced with the 22. YMMV.

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For now, I'm quite happy with the Purity Audio K.I.C.A.S. - I'm in no position to upgrade amps.


gknix - I take that answer as affirmative the KICAS does a respectable job. Thanks for your feedback.


Are any HE-5 LE users running out of juice with the KICAS?

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A little off the topic, but the Asgard paired well and powered my HE-5 when I owned both, and it's $250 direct from Schiit.

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Thanks alphaphoenix, it appears the Shiit amp deserves a closer look - I have bookmarked the manufacturer's (hilarious) site for future reference.


So far I have feedback from two people that have experience with HE-5 LE and KICAS combination...both indicating the KICAS is fully up to the task.


I'd like more feedback from others...(meanwhile I scour the rest of Head-Fi for clues)


(BTW, I have contacted the ever-helpful Oriel Mendelovitz of Purity Audio and he directed me here for feedback.)

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It's not definitive but here's the best summary from feedback so far:


  1. The KICAS can do a wonderful job (relative to price) driving the HE-5 LE but some have found the volume control setting to approach 3:00 position. Of course, I can only assume the standard source voltage of 2 p-p. (CDP's, Multi-format players, SACD players, etc.)
  2. The Caliente version of the KICAS is unacceptably stressed and to look further for an appropriate amp.


Thanks to those that have chimed in!


I haven't posted much here but I can say this is the friendliest, most helpful site for audio...a lot of very good people that will go out of their way to assist.

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