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refurbished Ipod video 80gb 5.5g vs New S:flo2 8gb + 16gb sd card

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I'm having a tough time deciding between the two. They will cost me roughly the same amount. I'm worried about the build quality of a refurbished ipod as well as having significantly less sound quality. For the S:flo I'm worried about dealing with all the hassles such as not so great UI, battery life, and less storage if It's not going to sound significantly better. I currently have a clip+ rockboxed with fiio e5 for my ultra portable rig, now I want something for truly good sound quality. Right now I have Sennheiser HD-25 1-ii and some skullcandy in-ear phones that do the job for now, but I will eventually broaden my phones collection. Suggestions? Is the sound quality of the S:flo really worth it?

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If you already have reservation about those issues w/ the Sflo2 just get the iPod setup for the same cost then and be done w/ it.  No point getting the Sflo2 based on your concerns.

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Like I said I'm willing to put up with the problems if the sound quality is truly worth it, if it's not much different than the ipod then I'll just go for the ipod. I was hoping to hear for some people who have either owned both or listened to both.

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I think it was Average_Joe who posted somewhere saying he'd be listening to the s:flo2 vs a iPod 5.5g and from what I remember using the HO he preferred the 5.5g.

I'm sure if your dedicated enough you could find his posts or simply PM him and see.

From what I've read using the HO I don't think there will be much difference at all between the two players.


As for the refurbished iPod I think you'll find it a more pleasant experience if you find a good second hand one (Craigslist, eBay or the FS section here are good places). Refurbs have problems with fake scroll wheels which are less sensitive, fake back plates, 30gb logic boards which means 32mb of RAM and not the proper 64mb, strange classing for their condition, etc. If you can find a good second hand one that the seller bought brand new so you know it's not been refurbished you avoid all the hidden nasties a refurb might have. I've bought two iPod Videos (One a refurb and one second hand) so I kinda understand the procedure now.


PS: I have the same rig as you minus the E5.   It's great.

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I have both. If you will use a portable amp then go for S;FLO2 or grab a used Ipod for easy use. S:FLO2's po is harsh. Only the lo is quite good compare to ipod. Don't worry too much about UI of S:FLO2, its ok. ps: The battery won't last for more than 10 hrs.

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Thanks for the insight, yea I didn't expect much in battery life as I've heard how notoriously bad the s:flo2's are. I don't currently have a amp, I don't really consider the e5 an amp, more of a fun toy. But maybe I will get an real amp eventually, I guess I'm just going to have to make a gut choice on ipod vs sflo. I'm leaning towards ipod,  I just don't like the idea of not buying mine brand new.

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Honestly is you hunt eBay and Craiglist you should be able to find a fair share of mint iPod Videos with a box. I got one a week ago for $130 USD which I considered to be a good price.

Sure the item has been used but in my case the iPod had been used at home and never left the house. There are plenty of ones out there, you just have to sort through the riff-raff to find it.

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