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New Marantz SA-8004

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Hi All,


It looks like the SA-8004 should be out in August?

This looks like it may be an interesting source component since it will play CD/SACD and also have 3 inputs so that the DAC can be used with other sources (USB/SPDIF coax and toslink) up to 24/192.


I'm interested in using this with some Grado 325s, Schiit Asgard or Valhalla.


Hopefully this can be a thread to discuss this new product and also get some reviews once it is available.


Anyone else interested in this unit?



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good find...a lot of people were disappointed with the specs of the new line of receivers & probably didn't even notice this one...


i have my doubts that it'll be comparable in quality to the sa-8001...i do like 24/96 usb input, though...


just wish it had gold trim:)...

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Nice,feature rich piece of audio gear.


I'm picking up a vintage Marantz Model 2285 circa 1977 tomorrow.


Even comes with the real wood cabinet. 9/10


I'd love to hook the SA-8004 into the back and listen on the Vandersteen's...


Just drawn to that vintage '70's gear. McIntosh,Tandberg,Revox- love it all and get more excited about scoring a vintage unit than picking up new stuff.


Odd,I know.



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Vintage stuff is cool, I think my father has a 70's Marantz a lot like that one.


I am hopeful that the 8004 delivers solid performance with CD, SACD, and DAC modes as it really would make a nice solution for many including myself.


I will keep checking the site to see when the post more specs/manuals/etc... I will also call my local dealer to see if they will be getting any preview units / demos.

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Wow - that's a nice piece of hardware! Very, very tempting. Only thing is that the old SA-8001 still sounds sweet and shows no signs of giving up. And I still need to knock off the Pass Labs D1 clone I have in parts, semi-finished. Still, this should be a great choice for a lot of people, as it has a nice onboard headphone amp.

Does anyone know if there might be a CD-only 5004 model on the way?
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Sounds like exactly what I've been looking for. I wonder how it will compare to my Sony SCD-1.


- Kam

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Does anyone know if there might be a CD-only 5004 model on the way?

Yep, there is.  Here.

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So does the coming of the new SA8004 put downward price pressure on second hand SA8003's or 1's?  We'll see.


I've become more interested in the less expensive Onkyo C-S5VL after seeing this recent review comparing it to the SA8003.

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I will be watching for that SA-8004.


I hooked up the vintage Marantz 2285 (came with the original WC-122 walnut wood cabinet) to an iPod Touch with a Whiplash TWag LOD and Pico Slim (I just couldn't wait to listen to the old amp) via  1/8 to the RCA Auxilary.


Had a set of Boston HD5V speakers on the terminals and JH-13's on the phones output.


Love the 70's Marantz sound.


Clear mids/clean highs on the Boston's,really musical bookshelf speakers.


The 13's were just fine plugged into this,it really brought me back and that is just what I wanted....



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It has digital inputs, which is super-useful, unlike some other SACD with good DACs I know. Would love to get into SACD but no $$$ for a seperate DAC.

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Useful Indeed. 

I am hoping the SACD sounds great, and the DAC is great... maybe on par with the Nova's or DacMagic at least.  This would allow me to stream all music from my PC (redbood, ripped DVD-A, etc) and play SACD straight from disc.


I called my dealer today.  They are thinking end of Aug or maybe early Sept for the 8004.  They are thinking early Aug for the Arcam rDac which is the other piece I'm thinking about.

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Several online retailers show this in stock now.  If anyone has got one and can do a quick review it would be grea.t

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Anyone else interested in this unit?


My question is how would this unit compare to the NuForce OPPO BDP-83SE?


They are close in price but with the NuForce unit you also get Blu-ray and DVD support.



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If you do not need blue ray I would get the Marantz 8004 IMO the more parts put in the box skimpping comes from somewhere. Then you need TV for the Oppo plain pain the butt

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If you don't get the Blu-ray combined, then you need to get a stand alone player.




The unit would go into the "man cave" and be hooked up to a headphone amp and TV.


My curiosity is sound quality.  How do the two compare?


To get high end sound quality, combined with SACD, CD, DVD & Blu-ray would be uber cool because it's that much less and less is more.

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