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336se help!

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i just got my new darkvoice amp yesterday and i get this loud buzzing sound out of the left channel a couple seconds after i turn on the amp , i can hear this buzzing even when the volume is all the way down. so should i try new tubes and if so what tubes should i try?

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First make sure that the tubes you have are seated properly.  It sounds like they may not be.  Is the bottom of the tube base flush with the top of the tube socket?

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i just looked at it the back tube feels a little loose and if a press on i the right way the buzz goes away but i cant keep the tube in that position without holding it and i tried reseating it with no luck, it the any methods to make the socket fit the tube better?

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You might try cleaning the tube pins and socket.

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what should i clean the pins with?

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Contact cleaner if you have some.  There is clearly some issue with the tube contacting in the tube socket.

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i just cant get the tube to sit right in the socket. i'm going to bring it in to a local guy to look at it. i email darkvoice twice in 2 days and still haven't gotten an email back  

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i just emailed darkvoice for the 3rd time requesting a return and they still haven't gotten back to me. it seems like they make great products but really don't back there customers

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