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- Galaxy Maggiorato GX383 (13" x 9" x 80mm (3.15"))

- σ11 at 24V, with TE62062 toroidal transformer
- AD825 opamps
- Bias at 100mV ~ 100mA
- Gain of 2x
- Variable gain (range: 2x to 11x)
- Jena wiring on rightmost Neutrik 1/4" jack
- SPC wiring on leftmost Neutrik jack

- 48mm and 1.25" knob

- RCA jacks: two inputs (top/bottom), one passive loopout or preamp (selectable by second switch on the bottom. Switch's center position disables the center RCA jacks)

 - No speaker posts; Rear panel has holes for (10.16 mm sized insulating washers) speaker posts. I opted out of having the M³ power speakers and recommend using powered speakers (eg: M-Audio AV40) via the RCA loopout
- The amp is set for "variable gain." Range is from 2x - 11x gain. With this configuration, there is no bass boost.

727th_DSC00727.jpg 729th_DSC00729.jpg 730th_DSC00730.jpg 731th_DSC00731.jpg 732th_DSC00732.jpg 733th_DSC00733.jpg 734th_DSC00734.jpg

Image links if the above doesn't work:


These pictures are slightly old, what will change is the addition of more RCA jacks and a switch to switch inputs.


My asking price is $425 shipped ConUS. Paypal accepted (non-CC preferred). International, please allow up to $50 for shipping.


(M³ M^3 M3)

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Final modifications are complete:


- Added two more pairs of RCA jacks

- Added preamp and loopout

- Two toggle switches: (top) one for switching inputs (top and bottom RCA jacks), and (bottom) one for switching between preamp and loopout (switch has three positions, the middle one disables the center RCA jacks)


Pictures of rear panel will come later.

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