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Burn-in Files

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I'm a believer in burning-in headphones.



Where can I download files that I can put on my iPod for burning-in?


I'd like pure tones, sweeps, brown, white and pink noise.



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Something like this?



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Make sure you bring your holy water, say a prayer beforehand and have everything pointed to the east, and end with a prayer - preferably in Latin, Greek, Hebrew or Arabic.


I also believe in burn-in (or break-in) but I don't need a cd with special tones to do what my iPod can do without permission.

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Here is another good source:


Personally, I use track 58 and 59 overnight.

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i am looking for this, thanks for the links,,,

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For what it's worth, I used a combination of actual music and these "burn-in" files.  It worked out fine for me. 

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Actual music for me.  Takes about a week to work up to 100 hrs as on the weekends, I'll let the DAP play for 48 hours straight over the weekend with volume slighter louder than the usual level.  Works well me.

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I recommend old episodes of Beavis and Butt-head.


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Originally Posted by ktsai1283 View Post

Something like this?





I also just use regular music.

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