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New Earbud Purchase Help

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Hey guys, I've been looking to pick up a new set of earbuds and found some pretty good deals on these three:


  • Sennheiser CX 500 - $38USD
  • Etymotic 6i - $76
  • Klipsch Image S4 - $79


Just wondering what you think I should get, or have a suggestion as to another set of headphones I can pick up for under $80 that are good. I'm pretty active with them, and I wouldn't like to have headphones that are too quiet (I ride the train a lot) or ones that slip out easily. Thanks for the help.

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What player are you using them with?

What type/s of music will you be listening to?

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An Ipod touch 2g, Archos clipper, and my pc (an HP a1600n and a Toshiba Satellite E205). I usually rip my mp3's at whatever the highest quality can be ripped, and I usually listen to rock, classical, blues, and a lot of game OST's.

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I like the RE0, although some people, myself included, don't find any of the stock tips to be quite satistfactory. Good price for a great phone, though, and tips are pretty cheap.

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