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First audiophile headphones advice

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I used to have the iPod ones.
Then, I ordered some of the crappy metallic orange IEMS on dealextrem.
I first found them good, as I only listened to dubstep with them, and songs I didnt know before.
Well now after listening something else than dubstep, I find them really bad.
I just listened to the beatles, they honestly suck. They only give bass, which isnt even good.
Now, I would like to know what I should buy.
I thought about Grados SR60i.
Music taste are Beatles, The strokes, Black Sabbath, Saez, Franz Ferdinand, Audioslave, Peaches, Kings of Leon,  The virgins, Wolfmother, Offspring, Billy Tallent, SOAD, Serj Tankian, Cypress hill, Red hot chilli peppers, Muse, Bob marley, Sizzla, Iggy Pop, Nirvana, Jan delay, Mando Diao, MGMT...
I also listen alot to drum and bass and dubstep, but this doesnt have the priority.
I got myself a pair of sennheiser CX 400 II which would fit for this dubstep style as they are bassy and the quality seems OK, even if not thaaat good.
Now, I would like something for the bands I listed.
Thought about Grados SR60i if cans.
Would they fit ?
Are there any other that are like Grado, but which are closed ? Maybe I could mod them ?
I also thought about the M50s, but they wont be neutral enough I think.
Any ideas ?
I want something which brings details of the music, which have abit of bass, and great highs and mids - I think this is what fit to the bands i listed.
If not, dont hesitate to tell me im wrong.
I think the Senns will be ok for outside use.
So I think I should better get overthehead phones for my home use, am I right ?
If not, would those IEM be the right ones.: HEAD-DIRECT RE0 In-ear Headphones
So: Shall I better take over the head or IEMs for home use and listening to the bands I listed ?
Any idea ? Dont want them to be too pricey. Less than 100euro would be great. 
Bear in mind I will use them mostly with laptop or ipod. Or integrated computer sound card.
And most of the time will be 320kbps MP3 files.
So I dont think expensive headphones are really needed.
Please give me the best IEMS and overthehead choices from 50e to 150e max.
PS: Ill also use them to play guitar silently,
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Grados are popular around here, ATH-M50 are also popular as all rounders, RE0 seem to have a lot of head-fi users also.

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What would be the best for home use ?

Over the head or IEMS ?

I thought over the head provide more bass.


And do all of them fit to my music taste ?


Could you provide something which is on the low side of my price range for both IEMs and over the had ?


What will be great to play guitar with ?

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IEM: HeadDirect RE0  ~ 62e  http://www.head-direct.com/product_detail.php?p=38

Over the head: depends if you want open or closed.

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I have the m50 they are great all around cans but I mainly use my alessandro ms1 for rock. I just got some distancers and my grado g-cush should be arriving soon so I will see if I can use them as my all around cans in the future.

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For cans  dont really care if closed or opens.


do the grado have a bit of bass or they really have shitty bass ?


I find the m50 to be abit too pricey, would like less expensive closed or open alternative.

Budget max, after thinking, 100euros - 120euros.

Could be more if REALLY über worth it.

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Well if grado doesnt fit for bass like drum and bass break beat and dubstep.

I am gonna buy either m50 or dt770.


Whcih one of those 2 would fit better for my electronic taste and bands taste ?

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Go for Monster Turbines. 150 but a great transition into the Audiophile world

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-They are in ear. UT 70 EURO is o.


How do they compair to RE0 ?


Will they provide same quality as over the head ?

Heard overthehead will always be better for bass.



- Can IEM be as good as over the head - Especially for bass or playing guitar ?

- What will fit the best for my tastes: RE0 or Turbines ? 

- As for cans, m50, grados, or dt770 

- The IEMS listed here are not in the same price range as the overthehead headphones. In the same price range as the headphones listed, are there IEMs which will be worth the money added ?



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Anyone ?

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if I'm not mistaken, the RE0 is not exactly bassy at all, but then again, it really depends on what genres of music you listen to more. IEMs give you a more "in your head" experience whereas headphones give you better sound-staging. It depends on what you want. Most are happier with headphones. But if you want something easy to bring around, then look at IEMs whereas headphones are traditionally for home usage, though it can be used outside as well. It just depends on which headphones you are looking at.


Personally, IEMs for outside usage, headphones for home usage. If I had to choose one, I'd go IEMs for versatility, but that doesn't discount headphones. But I do wax my hair and I'd rather not have something on the top of my head all the time.


For the cans you are looking at, I'd say the m50s or the dt770s, but bear in mind that the 770s may require some amplification to sound better, or just get the 80ohm version.

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Ok then if I take headphones ill take the n50.


As for IEMs,  cant choose, what shall I take.

Want some versatiliy, respect of the original sound, and having some good bass too, for dubstep and dnb.


RE0 wont fint then ?

So turbines, or something else ? Bear in mind bass is important.

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you should have a read of this thread: multi-iem review

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I just decided myself.


 want to get either m50s, either turbines.

They are both 150USD


I dont care if its IEMs or cans, so what will provide the best first audiophile experience ?

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look into fischer dba 2... they are getting insane reviews and everyone is saying they are great for the money... compare iem 3 times the price. I decided to get them for there universability. I listen to alot of drum and bass/ electro and wanted really good bass iems. Was deciding between future sonic atrio/ fischer enterna v.1/ or hippo vb as they all have incredible bass. But they dont really match up enough with there other traits. I love bass but I wanted a headphone that can do it all type thing, so I got the dba 2

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