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Xonar Essence ST bypass built-in amp

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How do I bypass the internal amplification to allow the Darkvoice amp to do its job entirely?


Xonar Essence ST -> Darkvoice 3322 -> HD650

I want to use the internal DAC on the Essence ST but not the amp (dont want it to muddy the signal).

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And what about....(drum roll).........using the line out!

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the digital line out?

is there a way to disable the amplification in the Xonar software? or to manually do it on the card itself?

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Using ST's line out will bypass its internal HP amp.



the digital line out?


That would work too, that is, assuming you have an external DAC...

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I see, so there are 2 analog line outs.. one of them is amplified and one is not?

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pretty much, analog line-out bypass the internal HP amp as was said. the buffer op-amp is used instead. there is a relay in the circuit that allows to do this, it's the clicking sound you hear when you swith between 'Analog Out' options.

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what opamp's do you use?

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That's what you use.

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i mean op-amp

example op amp

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Originally Posted by KaraSinek View Post

i mean op-amp

example op amp

Stock, I guess. Don't even know what they are or if I should upgrade mine (wouldn't know how)! Enlighten me =)

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Originally Posted by Reputator View Post



That's what you use.

I thought only the two black ones were DAC'd.

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I know this is somewhat outdated, just posting if someone is curious (I actually stared very hard on my card to find out what those 5 ports do - I only use the headphone jack lol)


So this is from top to bottom:

Red - Analog Output Front Right - RCA  - To AMP / Speaker.

White - Analog Output Front Left - RCA  - To AMP / Speaker.

Black 1 - Analog Output 6.30mm jack *1 To Headphone

Black 2 - Analog Input line in 6.30mm jack *1 To Other source

Gray - Digital S/PDIF Output to DAC


Or check the manual :D


Also there is a new driver available, in case you are interested.


Manual and drivers can be obtained from the following link.



*I have removed the wrong information about TCA jack being amplified*


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Originally Posted by OneSec View Post

By the way the analog output has amplification. So you might want to check with Asus how to turn of the amplification - probably dummy op-amp or something. So if you want to skip amplification for sure is to use the digital out - but you will be missing a very nice DAC function that comes with Xonar - your choice.


Are you sure about that? Isn't the HP out the only one that is amplified? I thought the RCA out was merely a line-out. I'm currently using the analog output to feed a Little Dot MKIII. Does this mean that I'm driving my HPs with double amplification? eek.gif
Does double amping jeopardize SQ?
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Long story short:- You are right. There is no amplification. I apologize for the wrong information, and sorry if I have raised unnecessary panic to you :P I was curious as well so I log a case with Asus. Here's the reply:


"The RCA outputs are line-level outputs, i.e., they are not amplified and you cannot connect speakers without built-in amplifier directly to them. (Only the headphone output has an amplifier.)

To get surround sound out of the ST, you need to use either a digital output (optical or coaxial) or the H6 daughterboard.


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Phew! I was already looking for a dummy opamp :)

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