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Hey everyone!  I'm back, but not for help this time.. I just wanted to mention that after first coming here and settling with the Maxel DHP II, then coming back and settling with the Sennheiser 428, I decided to go with another popular suggestion mentioned to me on this thread.. Superlux HD681   (not the EVO model).


I will definitely let everyone know how they perform.  I can say that so far the Maxell DHP II's were better than the Senn HD428's!  I am very interested to see how the $33 USD Superlux HD681 does!  I have a feeling they will be even better than the DHP II hp's I had..


Thanks to all for these awesome suggestions.. I would've been lost without ya!


Update:  My headphones have arrived!  First day impressions are that they have much more bass than the Senn HD428, but they definitely aren't as clear as the Maxell DHP II's were.  So far my least favorite are the HD428 by Sennheiser because they really lacked on the bass, and it's not like they had the clarity on the DHP II.  I have to say the Maxell DHP II has the lead so far out of these three.  Anyway, while the Superlux HD681 has amazing bass impact out of these three, the mids and highs seem to be a bit warmer, and not as crisp/sharp.  Some people really like that tingle from the highs, and I have come to appreciate that.  I was looking forward to these headphones achieving such "well roundedness" (yes I made a word up there..), but nonetheless, these headphones were a nice surprise for the price.  They are still very nice quality on the mids and highs, just not that ear piercing ability :basshead:.  They were only $33 USD from the seller on amazon, so you wouldn't be disappointed in these (I know I'm not!) because the Maxell DHP II is way more than $30 on amazon now! :tongue_smile:

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