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Best headphones for £100/$150 ?

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I am completely new to the world of audiophilia and I'm looking to spend around £100 on a pair of headphones. I've browsed loads of threads on these forums and frankly I am more confused than when I started! The good news is that I've realised the error of my ways and am no longer interested in the Bose Around-Ear headphones I was previously looking at. 


I currently own a pair of Shure SE102 in ear headphones and am looking for something more comfortable to use at home. So ideally I want proper around ear cans. I will be connecting them to my laptop primarily for films, music and gaming. I will also be connecting them to a console and an iPod. My music taste is pretty generic. The only genres I don't really listen to are rap, heavy metal and classical music.


As I live in a place with thin walls and nosy neighbours, minimising sound leakage is very important to me. Sound isolation, passive or otherwise, would be a plus. 


I don't own any proper audio equipment e.g. an amplifier, so that seems to have disqualified a number of items in the Buyer's Guide (unless there is some decent combination of headphone+amplifier to be had for ~£100). Portability/looks aren't issues as my Shure headphones are good enough on both fronts when on the move. 


Thanks in advance. 

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full sized shures?

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If you like Films and gaming...the AD700's. They sound good with music....well balanced. 

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Thanks for the replies. I am looking into the SRH840 and I'm liking them a lot. I will check out the AD700's as well. 


Does anyone know of a reputable store that sells headphones in the London/Bristol area? It would be great to try them out in person. 

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Ok so I bought the SRH840. Only problem is that the left cup is really uncomfortable (the right side is perfect). Is there any chance that this will go away with time e.g. by wearing them in...? If not it looks like I'm going to have to return them asap. 

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our ears aren't symmetrical.


there is likely one of two issues at play here.

either your ear is touching the back of the ear cup (depth), or the perimeter of the ear cup (size).


if your ear is touching the back of the ear cup, there's an easy fix.  just get some small tubing (about the size of a straw), and insert it behind the ear cushions, between the fabric and the pleather.  this essentially deepens the ear cup by a very small amount.


if your ear is touching along the edge, then there's unfortunately not a lot to be done.

and there's no promising that your ear will "get used to it in time".


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