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Getting Yuin earphones on "taobao"

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So Ive been doing some research on getting new earphones, never quite liked IEMs so after a bit of reading found out about the apparently infamous Yuin brand.


For now im set on getting the PK1, unless someone advises me otherwise, and please feel free to do so


I am currently in Shanghai checking out the World Expo and all..earphones just broke and am thinking about ordering new ones from taobao.


Heres the few links I get,







The first two links are priced at 880RMB which is about 130USD.

The last link is at 1130RMB (roughly 165USD) which by the pictures looks like it has been customized...better quality or fake?


All links look honestly look safe to me...but its necessary to remain skeptical when dealing with chinese resellers


As I see theres a few Chinese-literate people round here, though if anyone could identify the links as safe/avoid, Id very much appreciate it !

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The first and last are reputable sellers.


The RMB1130 one is recabled PK1's.

I have bought a few items from the last one and have got no problems with them whatever so. They are in Beijing though so shipping will likely take 2-3 days.


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From the rating, they seems OK. More diamond icons mean more good ratings.

The last one has upgraded cable and therefore more expensive.


The first one is located in Shaghai.

The second and third sellers locate in Nanjing and Beijing respectively. If you are going to stay two or three days, delivery to Shanghai should not longer than three days.


The first one has a telephone number (13816834867) on the page, may be you can ask the hotel staff to help you to phone him and ask him about payment / delivery.

If you are interested in the other two sellers, there are also telephone number of the sellers on the two pages.

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I see..so would the upgraded cable be worth the price? 250rmb more..


what does recabling it actually do? does it make the earphones sound better? is there a noticeable difference?

it does look a lot more durable, although ive never had trouble with "normal" cables.


thanks for answering and Im no audiophile so please bear with me

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That's really debateable whether cables make a difference or not.

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Although this may be true in this case, be aware that for RMB 2000 you can upgrade your icons (all the way up to five crowns) and delete the 'neutral' and 'bad' feedbacks. Welcome to China PRC. Where I happen to come from.

Originally Posted by nlhk View Post

From the rating, they seems OK. More diamond icons mean more good ratings.

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By the way, it's better to buy from a local seller bcos you don't have to worry about how to pay. Many local sellers provide COD service so you can just pay on the spot.

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FWIW, I'm actually getting my PK1 recabled as we speak because the stock 3.5mm jack is becoming faulty; the connections within it aren't secure anymore and I have to manually tinker with it to try to get sound out of it. It's practically useless until I get it recabled. Maybe I'm just rougher with my equipment than I should be, but still, worth considering.

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Good luck finding a local seller in Shanghai that sells you high quality legit stuff. The only place I know is around the Tai Ping Yang Mall (Pacific Mall), a store called Metro-Fi. Try bargaining. Usually if they aren't willing to bargain it means it's real.

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Hey, cheers guys! I could also need some advice!


I ordered the Zero DAC from Taobao: http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=2924017319


It already arrived (in China) and I'm waiting for a friend to bring it over (apparently it works but he doesn't know much about audio). Is the seller legit?

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Ive gone and ordered the upgraded cable, I wish they would add an english version for taobao..it took me a while going back and forth with google translate haha


Is it normal that they dont send a confirmation email? All I receibed in my inbox was an ad.

Is there a way to track orders? I checked on taobao and alipay but couldnt find a way to track my order.


Well, maybe Im just exictedly worrying too much.

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