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BeyerDynamic DT-990 Repairs

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I just accidentally canceled my post.

Why is that button even there?!?!   If I wanted to navigate away, I would.  I don't need a button to do it for me.


Now I've got to type it all over again

sorry for the rant....





I picked up my DT-990 used here a couple years back.

They were my first serious cans, and still remain my favorite.


However, they are starting to feel their age.

The pads are a bit worn and in need of replacement.

There's also a slight buzz from the left driver when producing some bass.




I'm hoping you guys can help me with:


  1. Suggesting me some options for replacement pads.
    My preference is to stay away from leather pads, I've already tried them and don't like it.
    The DT-990 is already very warm, and leather pads just skew it too far.
  2. A guide to getting the left driver housing open and fixing that annoying buzz.
    I could poke at it and hope not to wreck it, but you guys probably have some "pro" guide to doing it.
  3. Any other suggestions on what to with my DT-990.


I'm leaving the fate of my favorite cans in your hands.


thanks guys! (and happy listening )

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Sounds like you may have a hair in the driver. Here is a thread that may help you. http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/218922/dt990-rattling-calling-beyer-experts


Hopefully you can save it. It didn't work in my case as the hair was in the diaphragm and couldn't be removed so I'm looking for a new driver atm.

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i have the same problem but on the right driver :-( theres a small buzz / distortion between 10hz and 100hz. i checked the frequency on this site: http://www.audiocheck.net/soundtests_headphones.php . any news on solutions? greets

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