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Originally Posted by BetaWolf View Post

I'm looking for good compact 2.0 speakers less than $200. These are for my bedroom to put on a dresser/headstand to help me relax. They must be self-powered and have RCA audio input capability. The source is going to be streaming MP3's at 192 and above kbps from a Blu-ray player. Not going to be playing it loud, just at comfortable listening levels. Bass must be recessed or have fast response. I cannot relax to boomy bass.


I'm looking the AV40, but I'm not sure how those will fit. Something about the size of typical Logitech/Creative desktop speakers will do. It doesn't really have to be anything special, just something with a good sound:size ratio.

A few minutes ago I setup my new MP5 (Monoprice 5") studio monitors, so far they seem to sound fairly good, have not done any tweeking with the setup yet (if there is any tweeking to be done).

The MP5s appear to be rebadged M-Audio BX5s (A? or D2?), currently Monoprce is selling them for $165, some other websites are selling the MP5s for over $185.


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I've read a lot of discussions and i'm get confused.  :cool:

I need a 2.0 stereo system, no sub or other stuff, with  USB plug and built in DAC  to improve the digital sound.
I'm looking for something above 5", with the genelcs or dynaudio quality but for 1/3 or the retail price  :atsmile:

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B&W mm1 +1


Got it in 2012. After burn in 500 hours, it sounds so heavenly. 

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I had the Swan M200 MkIII's, my mother now has them (she said she needed them more than me).  They are great speakers for the money with a nice level of clarity in the mids and treble range.  The treble is smooth and clear, but not overly sparkly or bright which suited my tastes.  I found they responsed well to having a decent DAC in the chain (who doesn't?) and they can offer good imaging if setup correctly.


One point I would make is that they are big and they do require a decent sized desk to allow for proper listening distances.  Mine is 1200mm (or 47" for the Imperials) and it was a bit of a squeeze to fit them on; for a proper listening setup you would want a desk a little wider than that (1500mm should do it).  Another point that was a positive for me, but I am sure it won't suit everyone, is the limitation in the bass frequency reponse.  The swan website states that they have a frequency response of 53Hz - 20KHz, which is perfect if you live in a sharehouse and don't want to disturb others.  If you are looking for sub-bass you will have to look elsewhere.  Obviously these are designed for use at a computer and I can personally confirm that these speakers will not be adequate for a large party in a large room (doesn't hurt to try these things LOL).


I miss them, and I have not got around to replacing them.  I had a listen to some B&W speakers recently (A7 and A5 I think) and they really did not grab me.  I know they are not really the same but the A7 retails for around $1000 in this neck of the woods.... the Swans are 499(AU$) currently.

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I think the BX8 d2 is a better choice for BX5 d2. But people say the build quality isn't that good. Would have a high rate of being not working. Is it true?

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Depending on where you are, you may be able to get PreSonus Eris E8 close to $500. Here in Australia they are around $600, but we pay extra for nearly everything.


These monitors are used by some professional studios, and if you want something going as low as 35Hz, you'll be hard pressed to beat them in this price bracket. Front-firing bass port is also a benefit if you're considering placement close to wall.

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Originally Posted by ZenocideZ View Post

B&W mm1 +1


Got it in 2012. After burn in 500 hours, it sounds so heavenly. 

Some of the Best Buys near me are selling these open-box but in mint condition for $270 which seems like a good price. 

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Originally Posted by ogarmi21 View Post

I think the BX8 d2 is a better choice for BX5 d2. But people say the build quality isn't that good. Would have a high rate of being not working. Is it true?

Don't know about the D2 series but I have the original BX5'S with the silver ring around the woofer & it had problems with power supply filter caps going bad as well as the 2 layer circuit board developing an open circuit causing one of the power supply filter cap to reverse charge as well as blow one of the tiny 12 volt voltage regulators. This took a few years to happen but still can be an issue. I went ahead & replaced all the large power supply filter caps & bypassed the bad trace that was on the top side of the pcb. No more issues since then.

I have heard of issues with the D2 series as well so your milage may vary.
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Could not possibly disagree more about the Audioengines. I bought the a5+ a couple of years ago and have been very happy since, positioning them properly on solid speaker stands is a must.

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My favorite small speaker for the past year and half has been the Audioengine A2 with a sub but yesterday they were dethroned by an unlikely candidate:

Tannoy Reveal 402

I heard other speakers in the same price class from Mackie, KRK, Yamaha, and JBL and the Tannoy's are just in a whole different league. Needless to say the A2's are being relocated and adding 2 small sealed subs to the Tannoy.
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Hi All, to revive this thread. I have owned a Swan M200Mkiii but not exactly impressed as it's rather warm for my tastes. I have a Harman Kardon micro system iirc is MAS100? And it definitely triumphs them but it's 3 times the price MSRP.

I liked the Swans for it's overall unopposing sound signatures but I yearn for something clearer, anybody have any suggestions??
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Also, I haven't heard the M200s, but they have an excellent reputation. I wouldn't expect to do better by spending similar money unless you can listen before buy and find something that perhaps fits your particular tastes a little better.
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Well, I honestly think swans are overhyped. Because I paired it with an Emotiva XDA-1 Dac, a Dac that is of high fidelity calibre. So anything would be either amps or speaker.

Source is a desktop; but not many have a fancy source at this stage either.

I'm looking at the Focal Alpha 50, XS Book,
Fostex 0.X series, budget is about 200-300 usd.
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To pick with sincerity, I believe in the KRK Rokit 5 G2 for hi-fi playback. Adequate amount of bass for a small pair of speakers and the colored sound perfectly caters for hi-fi listening, despite that they are marketed for studio use. You can always add the accompanying KRK sub if you feel the need for more bass.


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JBL LSR305. Pair for $224 baby.
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