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The DACport has a headphone amplifier output which is not, for optimal sound quality, what you want to connect to active monitors.  For optimal sound quality, you will want to connect the monitors to the line output.  I, myself, would get the DACport LX and a separate volume control unit.

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Many powered monitors have their own volume control, my JBLs do.
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Adjusting volume in each monitor is certainly possible for all of them have volume control.  The question is whether you want to do that given that each time you want to change volume you'll have to get up and change the volume in both monitors.  Unless the volume knob is detented, you may run into balance issues where one channel is at a different volume.


Unless you are using some JBL and Adam models where both left and right channel monitors can be connected to one another thereby allowing for volume control for both via one single knob, you will want a single volume control in addition to each monitor's volume control.

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That's how my JBLs work, I guess it depends if each speaker has its own amp or not.
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Have come across lots of reviews both praising the Rokits and trashing the Behringers, so since the price is quite similar I'm seriously considering the Rokit for now.


I was looking at photos of the back panel for both Studio Monitors, and the Behringers look to have much more control and adjustments, are these adjustments really useful? By the way I really like the fact that the Rokit speakers have the bass port positioned at the front since with my setup they might be fairly close to the wall :P 



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i was wondering about almost the same question:if the bass port is on the front side is the bass more punchy keeping the same level of clarity?


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Originally Posted by antberg View Post

i was wondering about almost the same question:if the bass port is on the front side is the bass more punchy keeping the same level of clarity?


Saudações brasileiras,


From what I've been reading having the bass port at the back increases the chance of bass build up, particularly when the speakers sit close to the wall.

With the Rokits it is recommended to have the speakers sitting a little bit above the surface of the table to prevent bass clipping as well. 

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haha,you know some portuguese!

i was thinking that the port on the front would have more "impact",more punch-ness,for example punching your chest while listening some dubstep.


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RThe E:The  9. Logitech Z520



First and foremost, DO NOT BUY THESE. Yes, they look nice, but that's only without the grills. They are fingerprint magnets and, more importantly, sound HORRIBLE. At around $130, these are ridiculously overpriced. I bought them expecting them sound not much unlike my Z10s, as they are now Logitech's flagship 2.0s just as the Z10s were four years ago. They have a large soundstage, mainly due to a feature called 360 degree sound, but--trust me--this not sound you want to hear. Distortion is a mess. Avoid these like the plague.



    Well, I bought these recently. As a non-audiophile (I have some Grado sr80i's, and that's as high as I go), I am pleased with them. I recommend them to people looking for decent sounding 2.0 speakers for computer/portable use. 


    I agree completely that $130 is overpriced, but now that it is 2012, bestbuy.com is selling them for $80 (I think they are re-furbished), which is much more reasonable.  The build quality is solid, they are heavier than you would think and seem like they will last for a few years at least. They come with a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer. I appreciate the  option with the removable grills. At this point I prefer them on, they do not hinder the sound. The headphone jack and line out jack  on the side are great too and convenient.


On the sound: I have no idea what the reviewer had these hooked up to, but I disgree about the distortion. I am using these with an ipod classic 80gig (sometimes with an old apple ipod dock with a line out), apple laptop , or a Sony portable CD player. With playing portable players  plugged in, they have been sounding great.  There CAN be distortion, based on the recordings played (some recordings are more compressed/less dynamic than others), or the volume levels of the source (the computer would be more of an issue here), and it seems the Equalizer settings on the players can also play a part in distortion. With some music I noticed it is better to leave the equalizer flat, especially if  the recording has less dynamic range. They do get plenty loud without having to turn the knob nearly all the way up, though. Overall, I have not had any incurable distortion problems. 


     The sound is great to my ears, and I would recommend them as speakers for music (that's what I bought them for) in a single room that you do not want a loud subwoofer to shake the walls. There is plenty enough low-end bass to satisfy for music listening in the vicinity of the speakers, though ( unless you have to feel your ass vibrate from the bass to enjoy your music). I appreciate the simplicity of not having a subwoofer, for my space at least. For speakers of this size, they have very large sound.



     I have not had these long, and are still breaking in, but even at this point I am pleased with my music on these. They sound great, dammit. 


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How do the Airmotiv4's measure up?  Even the 5's fall under the thread's price cap.  

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this is a very interesting post but hasn't been updated since July.

Any new model to consider? Any update?

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Originally Posted by julioforo View Post


this is a very interesting post but hasn't been updated since July.

Any new model to consider? Any update?



Equator Audio D5 seem to be the rage on internet right now. I havent heard them but would love to get some inputs here. They surely have lots of details and clarity, but do they sound enjoyable?

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This thread was definitely a most interesting read. I really didn't know about the positioning of the speakers and I usually just placed it far above my head because of this IKEA desktop table -- I'll probably have to invest in a different one now.

I'm not sure if I missed it, but has there been a comparison on the BX5A Deluxe and the A5+? I'd like to know how much better they are in comparison to the A5's and if it's still worth getting the BX5A over it.


Edit: Re-read some of the posts and now the Swan MkIII looks really good, too. Could I get somebody's opinion of these three being compared to each other?

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So what's the current recommendation for speakers in the ~$200 range (+/- $50)?


Looking for something to complement my Senn HD598's for when I want to play some games, listen to music, or watch downloads and not wear the phones.

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Equator D5 Studio Monitors at $299/pr and the JBL 2325Ps are the best I've heard for less than $500 in my project studio.

Room treatment is as important as speakers if accurate sound is what you're after. DIY solutions are inexpensive but it's easy to spend $500+ on professional products.
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